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The Media dispatched 6 March 2018

Buenos dias amigos,

The Northern Territory has a moratorium on ‘fracking’ in place. The ‘growth and development apparatchiks’ will not take no for an answer, thus a ‘fracking inquiry’ is being held.

Part of this inquiry is a ‘ticking the box’ exercise of ‘engaging with the natives’. The Inquiry has been to Yuendumu twice. I did not attend, so I have no idea how many beads and mirrors are on offer. “What she also made clear, right at the start of this ‘community forum’, that no-one – including media – was permitted to film or audio record the meeting.” (Erwin Chlanda, Alice Springs News)

Wind back almost a decade ago- Yuendumu October 2008:

A group of mostly Warlpiri residents of Yuendumu had gathered several afternoons in the school yard to prepare a petition to present to Jenny Macklin.

Jenny Macklin was to open the Yuendumu Swimming Pool. The petition is here reproduced in full. The English translation is attached below

Kumanjayi Macklin, Minister for Indigenous Affairs
Marion Scrymgour, Deputy Chief Minister for the N.T.
Kumanjayi Rudd, Prime Minister

Yapa-patu nganimpa, Yurnturnu wardingki karndu nyarra wangkami ny arnpu statemcnt purdanyajaku manu yungurnkurlu pina kanyi Federal manu N.T. Government kirra.

Ngula pda Kumanjayi Howard manu Ma1 Brough-jrli waja-waja manu nyinanja kurlangu, ngulaju-malu wardinyi-jarrija. Jalangu jalangurlu ngulaju yangka piy a-jala kanparlu nganpa kanyi, karlapirli Kumanjayi rnanu Brough kurIangu policiy iji, inanu karlipa miyalu ngawu jarrimi rdungku-rdunku jarrimi manu junta nganayi – mani kangalpa nyiya.

Nganirnpaju ngarnpurrpa wangu interventioni-kiji kurdu kurdu kal u ngurrju nyinami n yarnpu kurlu legislationkirli.

Wangkaja-rnalu jana Review Boardu-ku, jalangu-jalangurlu Governmenti-rli purdaiiyanja wanguriu jalangurlu Governmenti-rli purdany anja wangurlu kalu report nyanyi manu kalu taarnagangku interventioniji ngaly a kari maninja wanguriu mardarni. Ngawu mani ka ngalpa ngalpaju.

Nyampuju ngalipa nyangu nguru walalja. Governn~entirlyi ungurlu ngalpa pina y inyi. NgaliparIu yungulipa jana Government warlapajirni. Wangka karlipa yuwarliki kurlanalu pipa parntirni lawa ngkaju ngum ngurluju, jungangku yungulipa mardanarni nguru , yuwarli manu nyiya kanti-kanti ngalipa nyangu.

Lawa karlipa wangkami yangka tala ngularlu ngalpa ngalya karimanu. Kaji karlipa murIpalu mardarni tala warlaljaju.

Wangka karljpa yungu Racial Discrimination Act !975 karrimi jalangu nati ngslka kirntmgi paturta.

Government Business Manager ngulaju pungku, wiri jarlu manu kalipa nyina ngampurrpa-wangu ngulakuju.

Ngarnpurrpa kanallI jana nyina yangka karnjurlu-patuku kampu-warnuku. Ngarnpurrpa karnarlu ny ina yungurlu yapangku mardarni nyampu nguru nati shire-yarlu jalangu warnurlu lawa. Lawa karnarlu wangka yurrkunyu panuku, lawa karnarlu wangka kardiya ngulaka!u yanirni raangka wangu, lawa karnarlu wangka kardiyi wiri-wiri-ki panukuju.

Panuku nyiya kanti-kanti yanirni wurnturru-ngurlu, kangkariu-ngurlu kaminjarra-karri. Kardiywa wiri-wiri-rli kalu ngalpa ngawu mani nyampu-kurlulu intervention-kirtili. Jinta jarrimi yungu-rlipa jaruku rnanu yungurlipa wariaija-rlu mardarni marnpungku . Yapangku yungur!ipa jar!pingki mardarni. Supporti-ki karlipa wangkami,

tala mmu nyiya kanti-kanii yungungurlu ngalpa yinyi nyampurla ngurungka.

Nyarnpurla Yurnturnu-rla panu karlipa mudarni nyiya-ningki-jarra ngula karliparta yul karni. Madarni karlipa jana MtTheo program, kurdu kurdu kurlangu, Warlpiri-rli ngala karlipa j ana tij i-mani, PAW, Mampurnaninja-Kuriangu jarlu patu ku, WarlukurIangu arts centre, manu yangka ngula kalu jana ~nardarnwi iri-wiri-rli kurdukurdue.

Ngulalparlipa mangu pungkalayi, Yungurlu ngalpa nyanyi nguru kxi wardinski-rli pirrdiji ngula karlipa mardarni.

Mardarni yungurtipa taarngangku ngdipa nyangu jam Warlpiri waja-waja maninja-wangurla yangka pina-pina maninjaku EngIishi-ki, mathsi-ki manu nyiya kanti-kan ti pina parrinjaku kuurlu-rla.

Nganimpa karnalu nyara wangkarnj purdanyangka-rlu-nganpa, Waikarlupu ta wangkzya nganjmpa nyangu warlalja kuriu.

Kardiya wiri-wiri-rli purdanyangkarlu nganpa wangkayarlu nganjmpa kurlu, ngurrju-matarlu nganimpa kurlulu jam jintangka-manu junganidi ngurrjumaninjarla puraya.

Nyurru ngurla juku!

This was Yuendumu’s ‘Statement from the Heart’. Despite some serious “sorry business” (rituals related to a death) at the time, the family of the deceased agreed this was important enough to allow the petition to circulate in the “sorry camp”.

Over 200 signatures were obtained. A significant proportion of the adult population of Yuendumu.

A meeting with “community leaders” was held. It was at this meeting that the petition was presented. Warlpiri Media had set up a video camera to record the meeting. As soon as Jenny Macklin spotted the camera she declared there was to be no filming. For the first time we were informed that this was a “private meeting” and Warlpiri Media was asked to leave.

So effective has been the Colonial disempowerment of Aboriginal Australia, that the cameraman, who is actually a proud, prominent highly regarded Warlpiri man, picked up his tripod and meekly left the room. “Yes boss, no boss” “Yes massa, no massa” “Yes memsahib, no memsahib”

Machiavellian Macklin subsequently had a Media Coup- Russell Skelton wrote an article published in the Melbourne Age and the Sydney Morning Herald titled — ‘Intervention goes swimmingly in the Tanami’, 28th October, 2008.

Media Watch was alerted and did an ambiguous ‘number’ on the events. A decade later it makes intriguing reading. We quite clearly were outmanoeuvred, and our petition came to nought.

Jenny Macklin in my opinion is the politician in living memory who did the greatest damage to the social fabric (that should probably be plural) of Aboriginal Australia. Not surpassed until that ultimate betrayal which was Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s dismissal/rejection of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Sylvia Péres Cruz (and her late father) … 20 Años

Es un pedazo del alma, que se arranca sin piedad….
(It’s a piece of the soul – torn out without pity) 









Reasons to be Cheerful. Part Two.

Dear reader we often forget just how lucky we are in Australia.

Though the experts tell us that we’re crushed by impossibly high mortgages, zero wages growth and the prospect of working for nothing, the upside is that sales of Maserati’s and Lamborghini’s have gone through the roof. Clearly not all of us are doing that bad, and investing in highly expensive and desirable luxury cars, will offset the common individuals suffering. We all enjoy watching smart cars, and now there’s more of them than ever, (since we sensibly closed down manufacturing in this country) the opportunity abounds. Make a statement. Drive a flash car.

You see, just the other day I was standing in the dole queue, at Centrelink for only four hours to be told “sorry sir you’re in the wrong queue”. I had to start all over again. That didn’t put me off. Not one little bit. I enjoyed the music they had. I think it was Billy Joel on constant rotation. It was the same music they played when I rang Centrelink the day before. It must be “Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits”, “dont go for clever conversation”, it had a ring to it. I held on, hoping they may play the “Piano Man”, or my all time favourite, “My Life”. I couldn’t put the receiver down. I found myself humming to the infectious tunes, and didn’t mind a bit as the pre-recorded voice, said over and over again, “Your call is important to us, please hold the line, and your call may be used for training purposes”.

What a buzz! Here I am on the phone all the day, feeling useless, but I’m actually helping some one with training. Could be an amputee, or someone on the NDIS, seeking to get a leg-up in society. As simple individuals with no assets, no money and job prospects it’s encouraging to know we’re actually helping in the general wellbeing of others lesss fortunate than ourselves.

The couple next to me, in their finest track suits had to step outside for a fag every now and then. I told them I’d keep their place in the queue and look after little Jarod and Tyson. As they left for the fourth time to breathe stale air, I was immeasurably buoyed by a silver Aston Martin DB9 roaring off at the lights. The driver a youngish man in his late teens showed that there is promise out there for hardworking souls. Clearly he’d got off to a good start, and as a gently rocked the stroller I wondered why Dwayne and Tayla had eschewed private car ownership for a tram.

You see there’s choice in this world and if we excercise good sound judgement, we can all own a Lamborghini, a Porsche, or a Bugatti Veyron.

So don’t be disenchanted.You only have to seize the day and all of this could be yours. Look around you and see how hard work and education get people ahead. And they’re all happy! Such is the reward for making an effort. And a positive contribution to society.


Labor Day

“Labor Day”, bit like Australia Day without the flag waving.

Yesterday was Labor Day, and we got a public holiday. There’s a certain irony in that. In Victoria, VECCI, ( The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is saying we need to work longer and if we unshackled our workers from unionism we’d be better off.

And up north the Fair Work Commission has ruled that train drivers can’t go on strike cos they’re an essential servce. Last thing WE heard from the Fair Work Commission was when one of their Commissoners Mr Stephen Lawler was being paid 460k a year to have it off with Kathy Jackson, the former Health Services Union Secretary who siphoned off millions into her discretionary fund. That’s right up there with the CEO of Border Force being laid off for almost a year and still pocketing the 600 k salary. Life’s hard at the top.

Labor day was all about the Eight Hour Day, which precipitated the Industrial Relations Commission, and the the famous Harvester case declaring a fair wage for fair days work.

All that’s gone. Wages have stiffed. And if you hadn’t noticed the inequity has become a yawning gulf. The pollies don’t give a stuff cos they’re all sinecured. Even the truly shithouse ones are set for life, and they don’t worry about a life renting, the insecurity of contracts, the gig economy or uber. The great unwashed, poor bastards, salaried workers, (who actually pay tax), get a day off. If they’re public service pecksniffs of corporates they’ll play a round of golf. The rest will take it in their stride. Another symbol of empty symbolism. Up there with the Queens Birthday weekend, in its hollowness.

Whilst wages have gone backwards and housing prices stratospheric, winners will be grinners. They’ll celebrate Labor Day. The Labor Day holiday will be good for Qantas, (pays no tax), for Transurban, (pays no tax), for Google, Microsoft, Uber, Amazon, Adani, the list is endless. They pay no tax, make HUGE profits, get HUGE handouts, and are backing the Fed’s 100 percent for corporate tax cuts. The bottom line for Labor in this country is a race to the bottom. The fruit of Economic Rationalism. CEO salaries skyrocket. For wage earners… Insecurity.

We live in a proto Dickensian era of fear and insecurity, and it hollows us out. Still, if youre utterly useless and sociopathically inclined there’s a well-paid career if your wiling to play the game. Though you may lose touch with humanity along the way.

It’s called politics.

Poetry Sunday 11 March 2018

Lionel G Fogarty, Merton Vic, 2012

Mr Lionel G Fogarty


PEACE free that sad fuck up poet
Free from that lick the mouth of white write
Free from her heart cries for white and other’s
Wants’ and needs in drug grog too.
Free from this two times in poet bed
Sink lock door and say stay out for resects to the white arse.

Free at last from a gammon poet taken her child my art’s shah.
Son of the white beer drink white lip server.
She use the dark man to from her past,
Like ringing the cops on her self in fact to get at the man inside?
When the garden make, she gave the best to her Gay brother shit ways.
Free from book of a shook bad looks shit wrote on black pains to free white-fell as and others.
Laugher by this one was hate comings in sexual tease then she said poet black racist.
Callous to her verses, even succinctly the black mans categorized past for every needs she wanted, (hey good go)
Her prolife was can make a baby with a dark smell sex so black children can go onwards.
She tried to coward fool the black writer poet by her white music.
Free from this mad poet writer poet voices
Sit with your innuendo’s running man of writer black hoods down and I will get you in return just like a Boga rang the way I wants
To the dark alley always lion the poet not dead yet shuts.

 By Mr Lionel G Fogarty dec 20 2012 VIC MERTON

MDFF 10 March 2018

Continuing our Dispatch on the Vagaries of Justice from last week (Originally posted 15 Sep 2011)

Recently in Alice Springs an Alyawarr man spent two months in gaol (he was arrested at Alice Springs Hospital maternity ward whilst visiting his wife and newly born daughter), and received a two year suspended sentence.  He is not allowed to return to his community until his wife’s 16th Birthday.
The judge’s sentencing remarks included the following:  “Because of the remoteness and your traditional lifestyle, concepts such as ages are irrelevant to you.  Your day-to-day life has centred around the traditional hunting and gathering of bush tucker for the community.  You spend most of your time in the company of your grandfather who is now in his 90s, and who is an important traditional elder in the community.  In terms of modern day society you are extremely unsophisticated and you are one of those increasingly rare persons in a remote Aboriginal community who did not know that having sexual intercourse with this child was wrong according to Northern Territory law.  No one had explained to you the concept of your age and the age of the child.
Your family and the family of the child were also unaware that it was wrong for the pair of you to engage in sexual intercourse.  The victim has told me in her victim impact statement the following about her belief and about you, and I quote what she has to say: ‘I didn’t think it was wrong and was happy to be with him.  In our law it’s okay.  He’s been good to me.  He looks after me.  Our families are happy that we are together, even though I am young, because they know he is a good man and will look after me. ….The lack of knowledge by everyone concerned in this case about the law of the Northern Territory in connection with sexual intercourse with children under the age of 16 ….While it may be increasingly rare, there are sections of our community who do not have this knowledge and understanding.  It is a sad indictment, indeed, of our community as a whole that we have not been able to educate everyone in our remote communities about these matters… (my emphasis) We don’t need no thought control…
This Justicia from a society that in 1789 sentenced 10 year old Mary Wade to hang.  The sentence was not carried out, instead Mary was transported to Australia.  By today’s standards, all of the Convicts sent to Australia had only committed trivial crimes.  The serious crimes, such as rape, murder, or impersonating an Egyptian, were punished with the death penalty.


Mary Wade was 14 years old when she gave birth to the first of 21 children.

The legal age of consent in many Latin American countries is 14.

Romeo wooed Juliet when she was 14 years old.

The ‘victim’ in the Alice Springs court case was 14 years old when the Alyawarr man committed his heinous crime, because he hadn’t been properly ‘educated’.
Just as well no Warlpiri or Alyawarr person has impersonated an Egyptian.
This judgement has very little to do with ‘Justicia’ and everything to do with ‘Dogma’, Assimilationist Dogma that is.  Being subjected to Assimilationist Dogma is something many remote Aboriginal Australians would be quite happy to live without.  They are not given that opportunity. They have no choice.

Justicia, Tierra y Libertád….

También Respeto y Dignidád….

PS- Have I mentioned it before? Centrelink’s motto: “Giving you Choices” ¡Que pavada!

The benefits of a bullish China.

Julie Bishop, Head and shoulders above the rest declares the ” Glorious Julie Bishop Foundation” a victory for the democratic process.

Dear reader, we have been strident in our efforts to present a counter to all this anti Chinese sentiment being expressed in the public sphere. Indeed it’s got to the stage where a line must be drawn in the sand, and our position declared once and for all that we will not stand for this cheap anti-Chinese ranting. Whether it’s the delightful Sino – Georgian homes being built in our leafy suburbs, or the cascade, (some may say flood) of donations to politicans from generous Chinese businessmen, there is no evidence at all. Not a scintilla, that there is anything untoward.

Just recently Sally Zou’s domation of over one million dollars to the Liberal opposition leader, (The Rt. hon. Steven Marshall), for the forthcoming South Australian election was mis-represented as a craven act of political manipulation. It is nothing of the sort, Cathy who incidentally is a member of the Communist party, likes to do nice things. Just like other members of the elite. They like to make people in positons of power comfortable. And if it sways a decision on planning approval or benefits their conflicted position in any way that’s entirely incidental. Just like philanthropy, it ensures that the indulgences are spread in a proper and acceptable manner to the benefit of society at large.

So, we must draw the line. Contemporary China is not agressive in its global stance.

The Sth China Sea and Mr Xi becoming President for life, does not mean that they are going down the agressive expansionist nationlistic path of Neo-Nazism. Like Mr Narev, ( former Commonewealth Bank CEO), by streamlining the democratic process and stopping interference from regulatory authorities they can achieve higher efficiencies.

Mum and dad investors jumping on the China Bandwagon

Indeed by getting rid of democracy altogether, the Chinese leadership show absolute faith in the BIG MAN principle. This is China’s very own version of the BIG HAT moment.

People walk tall and everyone listens when a BIG HAT or BiIG MAN walks into a room. Donald Trump has BIG HAIR, and Vladimir Putin, when he’s not busy adminsitering nerve gas to expatriate Russian agents, wears a BIG KALASHNIKOV. So it’s axiomatic, be a BIG MAN, and you’ll keep pace. And by keeping pace you don’t need to bother about appropriating state funds to overseas havens, and ensure that your own little bit of family achieves the dynatsic status of being beyond reproach. That’s why it’s so important for English-speaking countries that “respect the rule of law” (ask any East Timorese diplomat), to allow senior party figures to transfer their assets. We get a clip along the way and it keeps the global economy going.

So enough of this anti-Chinese rhetoric. And remember, it’s not the people, it’s the government you should criticize. And with street upon street of monumental, Sino-Georgian mansions comes reassurance that the Australian building industry is doing it’s own little bit to establish new paradigms in taste, that we can all enjoy. And ensure that all of us as Australians, on incomes above 200 k per annum (if they pay any tax at all) are welcome to enjoy the fruits of a democratic, liberal pluraistsic society.

And we must remind you that the special category business migrant visa Class A requirement that a minimum 3 million must be paid into a bank accout before migration has been upped to five million and the old rate expires on March 30th.

Western democracies can learn from Xi

As they say on the Isles of Manus and Nauru, in the “interests of transparency and fairness” for all working families and mum and dad investors.


Standing “defenceless” against the Tide

Mao unites Fish and Chip shop owners across Australia.

Dear reader, we continue with our in depth investigation into the insidious Chinese influence upon the Australian body politic. Indeed just as we write the Chinese Communist Party is about to proclaim history by making the leader, a leader for life. Some in the west are worried, so worried that they make comparisons to China’s grab for the South China Sea a Sudetenland issue. We beg to differ. Just because a country economises on politics and goes for the one leader doesn’t mean they are any less democratic. As Bryce Courtenay said in his award winning novel there is; “Power in One”. And just think, (dear reader) what it saves on postage. Barnaby, (the beetrooter) spent over 150 thou on postage alone, just to win back his seat of New England. And elections cost a packet, and in the end you’re not sure if you’re gonna get a Ricky, a Barnaby , a Jacquie or a Corey.

We continue with some of our “In depth ” leters from correspondents proving beyond doubt the insidious creep of Chinese Influence”. This fragment from Quentin Cockburn,

“Yes, but I am terribly worried. Just the other day I was at the corner Milk Bar, and ordered my morning packet of Craven A’s and the cash register, (an Imperial no less) went “Cha Ching”, clearly a sign of Chinese interference. 

I then went to my favourite Fish and Chip shop in Marong Road, ( the main artery of Ironbark) and “Photos’, the old greek bloke and his extended family of some several generations had gorne. Replaced by inscrutable orientals.   They’re inscrutable, cos they didn’t have copies of “Best Bets” and “Winning Post” on the counter, and they’d smile blandly when I ordered chicken salt on my Wing Dings. 

Worse than they they’d taken down the Herald Sun Lift-out of Dustin Martin winning the Grand Final for Richmond with a scene depicting boats on the Yangtze River. 

And in Melbourne, they’re all over the place, and I reckon they’re trying to get gold out of us, by getting us hooked onto Real Estate, and speculative property deals. No clean living Aussie would ever do that, (sell his country short for a few bucks)  so it must be what they put into the Chicken salt.  I’m gonna tell my member of Parliament, but aparrently he’s on a junket, with his whole family to Macao and Honkers. Paid for by the Chinese Government. Must’ve had a predeliction for Wing Dings, and the Chicken salt got him. Cos Pollies in this country are above corruption and feathering their own nests. 

Andrew Robb, demonstrates his level of integrity

These Chinese are corrupting our values!!

Next they’ll be making us sell the whole fucken lot, whilst getting us hooked on Opium!!


That is such a low act, good thing we’re well governed and our Head of State is not some Communist party flunky, but Her Majesty the Queen, who understands cricket and the principles of FAIR PLAY!!. Still…..a One party State with one leader for LIFE is not such a good thing…Look at Rome after the republic, didn’t do em any good, and the poms up until Charles 1 got his block knocked off!

I askyou?

And this from our scribe of the near north, Ira Maine

Well, at least the first Monarch of the Poms, Charles, a misogynistic,
religion-obsessesed, thick as bottled shit Kingo, believer in the idea
that the lower orders were exactly that, at least left this life
whilst getting a head job, which is precisely how most of us would
like to depart  if the truth were known, god save us all.

And, I feel, perhaps opium, as you suggest, might not be such a bad
idea. If, after all, it did the Chinamen no harm, what the hell harm
can it do to us?

Sam’s Way A Great Leap Forward. (and backwards again)

Yours in Christ,


Hmmm, you be the judge, there’s surely more to follow, as irrefutibale facts keep pouring in from across the country. Proving beyond all reasonable doubt that Australia stands defenceless against the tide.


Thinking of thinking; “Under the Influence”.

Many Australian’s are expressing concern at what is perceived to be the growing influence of Chinese nationals and Chinese money within Australian society.  Clive Hamilton has written of this in Silent Invasion – China’s influence in Australia, reviewed here by David Brophy.  (Spoiler alert – read the review do not bother buying this racially inflamatory book)

Educated friends of mine rail about ‘Sinofication’ of suburbs, of the replacement of older homes with Chinese McMansions – as if it is only the Chinese who build this style of dwelling.  These friends rail about the threat posed by China to the western world and to democracy.

Tim Soutphommasane has responded alerting us to the dangers to our multicultural society of resurrecting the idea of “The Yellow Peril” (and he doesn’t mean Melbourne’s much loved sculpture).
Image result for picture of Barnaby Joyce

Two “Big Hatted” Leaders enjoy non-thoughts together.

I expressed my concerns to Ira Maine thus: Far to many of my friends are raising the spectre of ‘the yellow peril’. A wonderful and highly dangerous distraction from the inherent ills within our own society. I thought these friends had a more discerning and nuanced view of the world.

Ira responded
Monsewer Poole,

‘Many of my friends…’ you say, are haunted by by the frightening
possibility of being overwhelmed by Chinamen.
Why, I ask, in return, are you spending time with people of such
ill-considered opinions? The only outcome from this habit of listening
to people of this calibre is the possibility of finding yourself
irrevocably contaminated by their vileness.

.Toleration should only be extended to those who deserve it We have no
time for the opinions of twittering dolts.

Numbered amongst these dolts are a coterie of dangerously deranged
western men who see the continuance of war as a guaranteed way of
keeping the arms industry alive and vastly profitable.

The Americans. began this nonsense with China some years ago,by
threatening to make China’s access to the South China Sea difficult,
the essential trade route for Chinese shipping.
Shocked by this, and not prepared to put up with US supremacist
bullshit, the Chinese promptly built a fews artificial islands to
protect their trade route against US threats.

Despite the opinions of our war-mongering, jingoistic idiots, China is
not a threat to us. From a Chinese point of view,we would seem to be
an infinitely greater threat to them

Like the bloke carrying the heavy suitcase, I rest my case.

Yes indeed, who is that bloke carrying that case?

Was it a hard case? A special Case? A Louis Vuitton (cheap copy) case?

Find out in our next revealling episode of “Sam,  Our man in Beijing”. Or, “What price democracy? “Donations to political parties are US”.

And, if you are suffering from the effects of the Chinese influence, please seek help, consult a friend, or ring the government hotline on 03100 7488888

And seek immediate medical advice, from an acredited (non chinese herbal medicine) physician.



Poetry Sunday 4 March 2013

We first published this poem five years ago.  Injustices still stalk Mr Lionel George Fogarty. Bad as things are here in Australia things aren’t improving in Canada nor in the U.S.A. either.  
Lionel Fogarty

Mr Lionel Fogarty, Poet, has some experience of Justice and Injustice.
This is the poem he chose.



Injustices Improved

 Improved conditions
of flowers and seeds
improve smiling eyes
to laughter uprise.
Improve beauty
of expressing birds
improve mountains
amounted in tears
Improve the true
for hate to be no more
improve passed improvement
broken commitments

 Come off poison grass
come out of sewerages
you’ve been reminded now.
All improvement these injustice men done
is disapprove
of flower smiles.
So don’t now be disillusioned.
Very well, now remember the outlaws in this ’96, 2006,
and 2012 society injustices.

Capitalism – improve your life!
Shit, you sold in shit.
You, the enemy
feed on bad conditions.
I hate the stinken lies
I like to cut into their core of fakeness
The beginning is to end
of the ‘improved’ fight.


MDFF 3 March 2018 Justica Pt 1

(This post should be re-read in light of the world wide erosion of First Nation and minority rights, the ‘vagaries of justice’
It is the first part of the Dispatch on the Vagaries of Justice of 15 Sep 2011)

¿Que tal amigos?

When I was attending primary school in Argentina, ‘Justicialismo’ was a compulsory subject.  It had very little to do with ‘Justicia’ and everything to do with ‘Dogma’, Peronist Dogma that is.

I’m quite happy to have lived without being subjected to Peronist Dogma.  I’m eternally grateful to Señor Isasmendi , my teacher, for having given me the opportunity to do so, by refusing to teach it.

To fill the void left by the dismantling of bilingual education, Yuendumu School holds a ‘culture day’ once a fortnight.  Older Warlpiri people come to the school to tell Jukurrpa stories and to teach children how to make artefacts.  Whilst the idea to subject these Warlpiri teachers to compulsory police checks required for anyone ‘working with children’ was quietly dropped, a form none the less has to be filled in for these people to get paid.  Napaljarri was asked her birth-date: “ No birthday, lawa, no birthday” she replied.  There is no Warlpiri word for ‘birthday’.

Older Warlpiri people can take you to the tree they were born under, if it’s still there, not to mention the place where they first ‘quickened’ in their mother’s womb.

During the last decade a trend has emerged whereby young Warlpiri parents hold lavish birthday parties for their babies and toddlers.

Thus societies change, without the need for anyone to force change.  Self appointed arrogant enforcers of change don’t realise how superfluous and counter-productive their efforts are.  Warlpiri people are too polite to tell them how obnoxious they are. White people are much more inclined to tell them to f*ck off.

Once a month Court is held in Yuendumu.  One or two days.  Overworked lawyers (defence and prosecution) descend on Yuendumu.  The court list for 16th. August listed 57 matters involving 48 defendants (28 male, 20 female) and 134 charges.  Fight/violence related charges numbered 50 (20 male, 30 female), the most common being: “Armed with an offensive weapon”, “Going armed in public”.

Before you start envisioning Baghdad or Tripoli street scenes, I should point out that the Yuendumu weapon of choice (especially for women) is a kuturu (“nulla-nulla”) or mulga wood stick.

Whilst over the last few decades some serious injuries have been sustained from contact with a kuturu it is fair to say that usually a kuturu is used for symbolic/ritualistic effect, a bit like the Maori Haka.

I can’t think of a single dispute in which a rifle or pistol was used, even if in the past many rifles were held in Yuendumu.  In this regard Yuendumu is safer than the streets of Melbourne.

I don’t believe that there has ever been an RPG at Yuendumu, neither one of those oddly named IEDs.

There were also 50 motor vehicle related charges (60% male) plus 11 involving alcohol (55% male).  By far the most common charges:  Drive Motor Vehicle while unlicenced and Drive Motor Vehicle while Disqualified.

Only 15% of defendants (5 men, 2 women) were charged with alcohol related offences. All of the alcohol related charges were for motor vehicle offences (none for violence related charges)

Not a pretty picture I grant you.  Yuendumu is a nest of criminals.

But are we a dysfunctional community of perverts and violent men bashing their wives and abusing their children under the influence of rivers of grog?  Look at the numbers and draw your own conclusions.

(The second part comes next week.)