Laura and Terry

Comment from Laura Norda and Terry Nullius

Laura:  I haven’t found this blog particularly funny.  Take Design Doctor for instance.  I do think that we could fix the problem alluded to by simply changing the names of the various managers, perhaps we could call them facilitators or co-ordinators or some such.  Let’s not forget that they have an onerous job to do, linking community to infrastructure and urban design projects.  These people help maintian a sense of community and stakeholder ownership, the glue to our civil society.

Terry: Absolute twaddle Laura, what this is about is jobs (and growth), about smoothing the way for our entrepreneurs to invest and keep our economy growing.  There are too many managers and not enough people out there taking the risks necessary to allow for good jobs.   However I must take issue with Mine Tinkit – Level Playing Field- this is just the Marxist Lenninist interpretation that the good Professor is talking about, it does our indigenous community no good at all to suggest that they are being disadvantaged by our free market economy.  For goodness sake this is how they get jobs – if they ever want them.

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dd 115 12:2:13
Design Doctor 115 by Cockburn and Poole
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Remember the mantra “You cannot manage what you cannot measure”?

and perhaps

the old Wizard of Id strip with the two stable hands leaning on their pitchforks.
One says to the other

“What will you do when you are not fit for meaningful work?”

to which the other replies

“There’s always management”.

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