13 steps to safety

Dear reader these are Dangerous Times.

queen 1

H.M. The Queen. 100% Australian. Her fashion sense proves it. (insert cultural cringe here)

WE don’t even know if our politicians are Australians. Even Malcolm Roberts, (insert image of lump of coal) doesn’t seem to know if he’s, Welsh, Indian, English or Australian. For a One Nation party. having four on the go is beyond belief. Even the Queen, (God bless her) is hard pressed as Head of State to prove her Australian credentials. In a pcbycp exclusive we interviewed her Corgi’s “poochie”, “smoochie”, “snookums” and “bubbles” and they reassured us that the Queen only fed them Pal, and insisted that on Australia Day they were fed real Four and Twenty party pies. And some of them contained traces of real meat. WE asked Prince Phillip, latest recipient of an Australian knighthood, and his response; ‘you fucken bewdy’, left us in no doubt that Her Majesty, Phil the Greek and the entire royal family is 100per cent PURE AUSTRALIAN. Dinky Di, (though she’s dead), and that’s why we’re the envy of the modern world.

And our political system is rent asunder with foreigners, foreigner donations, and anyone else who pretends to still call Australia “home”. Though all our assets are sold off to foreigners, so that they may become very rich, the Federal Opposition leader starts banging on about tax and the disparity between “haves” and “have not’s”.

queen 2

The Queen engages James Bond to check Corgi’s citizenship credentials.

How un-Australian. We at pcbycp, (insert image of creepy Jesus) know the real issue is “Safety”. How can the Federal Opposition talk of equity, wealth distribution and a fair go on the Murray when our lives are threatened, but FEAR, INSECURITY and DANGER. That’s what motivates Australians. Not hope, enthusiasm imagination and optimism. But FEAR, and the requirement to make out lives SAFE.

The latest terror plot is the 13th that’s been uncovered. How can we remain so lucky? And the culprit, was not just another mad islamic diehard, but a meat-mincer. Across this land meat-mincers are being removed from sale. They are potential terror weapons. We know now that these un-Australian terror cells are hard at it plotting ceaselessly to bring down our way of life. Anyone caught purchasing a meat mincer is liable to be prosecuted, imprisoned, deported. And we need tougher laws right now to stop this threat.

queen 3

Well, they are a German family really.

And potentially armed with a crystal set, a morse teleprinter and a Fuller-phone, these terrorists are establishing new parameters for TERROR.

Just the other day another plot was uncovered, a muslim jihadist terror seeker (insert asylum here) was caught at a supermarket, armed with a potato peeler, a can of hairspray and a packet of sparklers. These are established and well know precursors to TERROR. The head of the newly formed Ministry of Fear and Insecurity Mr Peter Dutton was on hand to corroborate the P.M’s assertion that we must fear, and be very afraid. “We have nowhere else to go, with Labor even thinking of reformist policies we had no choice. Fear is the high point of our estimation of all Australians, and with fear comes certainty. And that’s good for banks and any supine featherbedding suck-hole prostitute politician, (insert Anna Bligh) who wants to go in to bat for a pack of monopolistic rent seeking bastards, (insert banks, energy sector and Rupert Murdoch).

queen 4

Lord Murdoch. Undisputed ruler of the Anglosphere.

And once Labor starts talking ideas, It’s the end’.

Thank god for Lord Rupert, (insert, Darth Vader)

Poetry Sunday 30 July 2017

Reposted from 30 June 2013, with comments by Ira Maine.

A poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins.
English 19th Century poet, Jesuit, and parish  priest to Felix, the blacksmith.

Felix Randall the farrier, O he is dead then?  My duty all ended,
Who have watched his mould of man, big boned and hardy handsome
Pining, pining, til time when reason rambled in it and some fatal four disorders
Fleshed there, all contended?

Sickness broke him, impatient he cursed at first, but mended [tolerated]
Being anointed and all; though a heavenlier heart began some
Months earlier, since I had our sweet reprieve and ransom [Confession, Communion, etc]
Tendered to him. Ah well, God rest him all road ever he offended.

This seeing the sick endears them to us, us too it endears
My tongue had taught thee comfort, touch had quenched thy tears
Thy tears that touched my heart, child, Felix, poor Felix Randall;

How far from forethought of, all thy more boisterous years,
When thou at the random grim forge, powerful amidst peers,
Did fettle for the great grey drayhorse, his bright and battering sandal!


What a splendid, valedictory poem,  what a glorious send off. 

I have included in brackets [ ] a couple of notes which might make  comprehension easier. Hopkins is Randall’s  confessor and notes how the dying blacksmith appears greatly comforted by both his presence and the fact that he has confessed and received the sacraments.  And Hopkins obviously loves him.

‘Thy tears that touched my heart…’  How can you not be moved by Hopkin’s care, both as a man and as a priest?

MDFF 29 July 2017

Todays Dispatch is entitled Vogons, Palimpsests and the Gap-Part II

G’day again,

In Part I of this Dispatch, the price remote Aboriginal Australia is being forced to pay to Close the Gap was alluded to

…..The policeman said to me, son
They won’t build no schools anymore
All they’ll build will be prison, prison…. 

Lucky Dube… Prisoner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1bjgVGuSQo

There is a debate raging about what price humanity should pay to be safe from terrorism.

Sér o estár (to be or to be) that is the question.
Sér Libre o estár fuera de peligro (to be free or to be safe)
Raúl el balilla – libre soy …(I’m Free)…


Recently I saw it on the Television…
Yothu Yindi – Treaty (Original Version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf-jHCdafZY

…someone asserted that in Australia the chances of being killed by a terrorist act were far less than the chance of being killed by your own furniture falling on you.

I might add that in some parts of the world the chances of being killed by a foreign bomb aimed at putting you fuera de peligro by liberating you from terrorism are far greater than being killed by terrorism per sé.

Despite knowing that the chances of being killed in a road accident are far greater than the chance of falling out of the sky in an aeroplane, I used to suffer from an irrational fear of flying, not dissimilar to the fear some people have of tiny little spiders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOAfXUshpVY

I’ve overcome this fear. We Shall Over Come – Mahalia Jackson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTyKJjj2oC0

No longer do I assist the pilot by exerting my willpower during take-offs and landings (“keep flying ya bastard!”)

Next time you fly in a plane, check out how many of your fellow passengers look out the window- not many you’ll find.

Myself I’m a looker-out-the-window. I blame my having attended lectures in geomorphology for this.

On our way back from Melbourne I discovered that Harry Jakamarra is also a looker-out-the-window (on the way down from Alice Springs to Melbourne there were clouds all the way).

I blame him being Warlpiri for that.

When we crossed the region either side of the Murray River, we discerned the ghost of a dune field not quite erased by the irrigated fields. A palimpsest of gigantic proportions.

Having had the meaning of ‘palimpsest’ explained, I re-read the thus named chapter in Kim Mahood’s book ‘Position Doubtful’.

It is one of those not all too common books you can read again and again, if only to savour the skilful choice of words, let alone to grasp some insights into the Great Cultural Divide, nay the Grand Canyon, the Magnificent true Gap which separates Mainstream Australian society from Remote Aboriginal society.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-315A0Os6kA  Yothu Yindi-Mainstream

A Gap which shouldn’t be closed, shouldn’t be eliminated by Vogons.

A Gap which should be bridged and appreciated.

Only then will Australia be Free.



Nina Simone: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free:


Barnaby’s uncovers fiendish greenish plot.

barnaby 1

Barnaby, Protecting wealthy Aussie farmers who might just be Cotton Growers.

The Deputy Prime Minister has uncovered a fiendish plot. It’s directed against all good honest hard working Australians. If unchecked, it will surely be a “ catastrophe’ for all real Australians, (sic), ‘those on the land’.

The lefties, the pinko tinged greenies are on the move. If unchecked they will strangle what’s left of agriculture in this country. And it’s insidious, the green tide is creep creep creeping, and soon good clean living Australians, (those that aren’t converted into lezzo’s pooftas and foreigners) will succumb. And before you can figure out what LGBTI means, you’ve gone a paler shade of green. And as we said before, “mix em all together, pinko lefty, (red) and green and you get poo brown’.

But Barnaby has uncovered something worse, Those greenies are out to get our water. Yes folks, the water that was ordained by God to be given to Cotton growers, rice growers and any other extractive industry, (like mining in the Galilee basin). A lifetime of water for absolutely nothing.

barnaby 2

Barnaby. Protecting Aussie families from greeninsh influences. .

But that’s not all.

barnaby 3

Barnaby, seeks divine intervention in protecting parliament from progressive ideas.

The greenies want to go one step further. They want to extract water from ALL rural communities, and not just those down from the big cotton growers. You might be up the famous Shirt Creek without the proverbial and the Greenies’’ll grab that also. Got to the stage that cotton growers are seriously lobbying the federal government on the 457 visas. If they can’t get free water paid for by the taxpayers, they’ll do what made, the Southern (American) states world-beaters. Yep, they want to go the slavery option. And it makes good sense. If people are working to pay taxes to give it free to cotton growers, we might as well go the full monty, and just formalise the process as Slaves. And there’s benefits, a lifetime of good work in a healthy environment with a bit of herbicide, insecticide thrown in, and plenty of water.

The greenies want to strip water off rural communities. And the ABC’s Four Corners should be closed down. It’s the ABC that’s sapping the lifeblood of this nation, and stopping those farmers, who just happen to be cotton growers, for making an honest living screwing the taxpayer. On this count Mr Joyce is not mincing his words, to a willing audience in Shepparton, he made his position quite clear:

barnaby 4

Barnaby. Protecting Malcolm Turnbull from Lefties in his own party.

“We’ve got $13 billion invested in it,” (Mr Joyce said, referring to the Murray Darling plan), “We’ve taken water and put it back into agriculture [ministry] so we can look after you and make sure we don’t have the greenies running the show, basically sending you out the back door.”

“You know what the Four Corners program is all about – it’s about them trying to take water off you, to paint a calamity, A calamity, for which the solution is that they’re going take more water off you, and shut more of your towns down. We have taken water, put it back into agriculture, so we could look after you and make sure we don’t have the greenies running the show.”

And he’s right. He makes perfect sense. Even if he does repeat himself a little.

The greenies would run the show, and it’d be the most boring show in town. No drinking, No smoking, No fornication, just the intolerable sense of smug. And in the background those Green senators left in parliament sermonising about feeling guilty.

Federal Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce (right) and Federal Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon pose for pictures with Peruvian alpacas in front of the Parliament House in Canberra, Thursday, March 27, 2014. (AAP Image/Daniel Munoz) NO ARCHIVING

Federal Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce seeks inspiration and protection with one of his staunchest followers. Doris the calf.

It’s enough to turn you green. And make you want to stick to things that really are important. Like Real Estate.

Pcbycp’s exclusive offer, Foreign Citizenship and FREE WATER.

kelly 1

Kelly O Dwyer, Proof of the trickle down effect. More books than George Brandis. Obviously brainier.

Dear reader, these are fraught times. The average wage is deadlining. Kelly O Dwyer is on the radio convincing all of us that all the indices are up. She’s spreading the government’s message of ‘Jobs and Growth’. And all of us out there in the “real world” see our wages diminished, the price of electricity going stratospheric, and the evidence that axing the carbon tax, didn’t bloody work. Last time we looked the cost of the electricity network, (poles and wires) in Australia, it was valued at 100 billion. In the U.S, which has over fifteen times the population, the same cost is 100 billion. WE can’t give our VAST resources to the local cos we’ve flogged em off to overseas buyers for free, and the big corporations and anyone else who’s lucky pays no tax. Two generations of Australians can’t afford a home. They can’t afford education. They can’t afford to turn the kettle on. And Kelly tells us, the benefits of privatisation are astonishing. Yet no one get’s it. Why?

kelly 3


There’s growth in wiping bums, call centres, and unemployment. It all points to what Kelly describes as the benefits of the “trickle down effect”. And, we hear you say; “If these are the benefits, we’d hate to see what the disadvantages are’. And just between the rest of us and the Reserve Bank, everyone’s so tightly in debt, just the merest pin-prick will cause that unmistakeable sense of 1929.

But there’s hope. In New South Wales they’re giving water away for free. Good on em. And a few cotton growers are reaping the full benefit of the billions we’ve pumped into saving the Murray Darling Basin. It’s a bonanza, and for those few, they’ve hit the jackpot. No regulation, no due diligence, and no checks and balances. It’s the same deal that Rupert got with the handout to Sky News. And it’s all free.

kelly 4

Mr Turnbull signing off on the billion dollar BONANZA to Mr Adani. ALL FREE!

WE have a plan. We’ve gotta show some initiative and get on this bonanza. If a cotton grower can get it, cos Australia, the driest continent on earth really needs to grow cotton and rice, why shouldn’t we start a new sunrise industry that truly reflects our capacity for nation building?
There’s money to be made, and without the corporate regulator or regulation of any sort we can prove to the world that we’re a world beater on innovation and prove that we’re well and utterly open for business.

kelly 2

George and Matt. “Worldbeaters”. And giving it all away, FOR FREE!

We’re gonna make every citizen in this country a foreigner. With Matt Canavan leading the way and demonstrating leadership we can follow suit. As foreigners, we van get access to all of Australia’s natural and mineral resources and pay no tax. WE can apply for interest free loans as MR Adani has done and get those grants, tax breaks and amnesty’s from the federal government that all foreigners do. By being foreign we will no longer be humiliated criticised by Jillian Triggs, and all those lefty do-gooders and prove that Australians are good all round blokes, And sheilas too.

And if anyone, even the North Koreans, have a go we can say “no comprende”, cos as Italians, , Canadians and Poms, we’ll have the capacity to see ourselves as others see us. A nation that’s Open for Business , truly multicultural, and where everything is well and truly FREE.

kelly 5

Lord Rupert. “Oh What a Feeling”. For Foreigners. ALL FREE!!!

And lead the Free World.

So all of us, can benefit from the trickle down effect.

Brexit’s silver lining.

dunkirk 1

Doing what Britons do best, Queueing and remenbering the glory days of Dunkirk.

dunkirk 2

Boris. Batting for Empire.

Dear reader, We’ve been getting a lot of press lately about the disaster of brexit. The commentary is all doom and gloom. If you believe the “Fake news” about brexit you’d be convinced that the divorce from Europe is a total disaster. On paper it looks that way. Some say: “Why any dynamic progressive economy would eschew an economic bloc of some 500 million people to keep a few foreigners out is beyond belief’. And as major corporations move offshore, (excepting News Limited which owns the U.K) and British industry, (what’s left of it post Cameron) struggle to find new markets and deal with the fallout of trade barriers, tariffs and non preferential treatment, there’s little on the surface that looks bright.

File photo dated 15/7/11 of Rupert Murdoch who has been recalled to give evidence to MPs after a recording emerged of him apparently venting his anger about police investigations into phone-hacking and payments to officials.. Picture date: Tuesday July 9, 2013. See PA story MEDIA Murdoch. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Rupert. Happy with brexit. Now he can rule Britain, the U.S and Australia ALONE.

Still, Britain is firmly determined to focus on what it does best. The recent release of Dunkirk is a perfect vehicle for presenting the sort of stiff upper lip stoicism the poms are famous for. It all suggests a new way forward. Forget about being part of the modern world, go to a beach somewhere, anywhere, and queue orderly and wait to be taken back “home”. Whatever you can say about Brexit it’s a mere carbuncle on what Britons are truly great at. And that is, remembering just how great it was during the war. All that sacrifice, the rationing, and the stoicism as “We”, Britain and the “White Empire” held the fiendish scourge of fascism at bay. And in doing so, return to a the glory days of postwar austerity, cold porridge, lost empire and bingo.

dunkirk 5

Sumptuous interior of the Armstrong Siddlely saphire’s bakelite knobs and dials.

That’s why Boris Johnston is here in Australia. He’s got a plan. A cunning plan. He’s worked out what makes Britain tick. Re-girdle the word in the noble crimson thread of Empire and re-unite, even the coloured parts of Empire. They also serve. With Boris’s arrival we may see once again, scores of ships set sail from Glasgow, Southhampton and Bristol brimming full with brand new Morris’s, Austin’s, and Armstrong Siddeley’s. This is a new dawn for British can-do-ism. And from the adoring colonies, the oceans will once again be British. As we send them, the Mother country, a flotilla of merchant ships brimming full with wheat, beef, lamb, and dairy products. And dripping.

The Commonwealth will be reborn as EMPIRE. Those putative sabre rattling empiricists, (be warned Russia and China) will stand back and hold their breath, for when the lion, roars, the echo, stilled since we took our eye off the north-west frontier, will rejoice.

And what new industry will Australia establish in this new vision of Empire? What will we do to breathe new life into the automotive industry we wilfully killed to keep our ideology pure? The Minister for technology and Industry , Mr Christopher Pyne, has the answer. “Bakelite”.

Brexit’s silver lining.

dunkirk 6

Making Briton GREAT AGAIN. The U.S will be allowed back in, if Donald apologises to the Boy Scout Movement.

The first two new french submarines, “Le merde” and “le toilet” will be re-fitted with Australian made bakelite. And our very own southern radio telescope network will e refitted with bakelite. And, all goods manufactured in China, some 99. 9% of them will have Australian made labels proudly proclaiming that bakelite and Empire is reborn. It’s truly the dawn of a new era.

Australians, be proud.

And be Safe.

Poetry Sunday 23 July 2017

Another gem from Ira Maine – this time with Emily Dickinson.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

Uncounted reams of impenetrable tripe has been written about this poet. I grew up thinking Ms Dickinson was some sort of demented hermit who walled herself up in the family home in Amherst, Massachusetts and churned out endless quantities of poetry which she mostly filed away and occasionally published.  She was, I was told, a weird woman who stayed at home most of the time and baked bread.  Alternatively she was a lonely old spinster who had rejected her one true love and regretted that decision for the rest of her life.  She was also seen as a mad woman, pure and simple, who wrote poetry of little consequence which was instantly dismissed by important people who’d never read it.

It turns out that most of this nonsense was created by warring factions in her own family. After her death and as her reputation grew, the various groups each took ‘possession’ and ‘responsibility’ for whatever of Emily’s poems happened to be in their possession.

Susan Dickinson, wife to Emily’s brother Austin, received at least a hundred poems from  Emily during her lifetime for either editing, approval or discussion.  They spent many hours together reading the poems and emending them.

Then, scandalously, at the age of almost fifty,  Emily’s brother Austin initiated a long time affair with a married woman of almost half his age.  In the strange way of things, and having rejected his wife Susan, Austin’s mistress, a Mrs Mabel Loomis Todd, now became not only a close friend of Emily’s but the second recipient of voluminous quantities of poetry.

In this way, two opposed factions were created, that of the wife and that of the mistress.

It wasn’t just the poetry; both of these factions had something else in common: They both had, it would appear, deliberately set out to create a smokescreen around Emily Dickinson. The mad woman, the recluse, the baking lady etc. were all part of an attempt to justify why Ms Emily Dickinson lived as she did and did as she did.  Both parties, independently of each other, built differing  smokescreens which might explain why there are so many legends about this woman who spurned local ‘society’ and lived almost exclusively within the family home.

Modern scholars suspect that perhaps all of this flim-flam, all of this ‘eccentricity’ of Emily’s was an attempt, on the family’s side, to hide a condition which, in the mid 19th century, if barely tolerated in men, was considered absolutely unacceptable, indeed, anathema, in women.

Emily Dickinson may very well have suffered from a mild form of epilepsy.

All over early 19th century America, the re-discovery of religion gave powerful clout to a newly moneyed middle class who majored in ignorance, stupidity and greed.  One example of this new and enlightened thinking was the belief that epilepsy was unquestionably associated with hysteria, masturbation, syphilis and mental derangement. An epileptic man interfering with himself, or indeed becoming syphilitic or suffering from any of the aforementioned, was barely tolerated.  He was, after all, a man.  But a woman interfering with herself?  Even hysterically?  To the self-appointed guardians of 19thcentury morality this represented the absolute depths of pagan depravity, a depravity which, taken at the flood, inevitably leads on to syphilis, mental derangement and perhaps even epilepsy itself!

Emily Dickinson, as a child lived across the road from her cousin, Zebina.

Zebina, a permanent invalid, was epileptic.

Emily’s brother Austin and his wife Susan produced a boy child who, by the age of fifteen, was regularly suffering devastating epileptic seizures.

It is not unreasonable then to deduce from this that perhaps Emily Dickinson, throughout her life, suffered from an inherited family condition which precluded her venturing far from home lest an unexpected bout occur.  Can you imagine how devastating that might be to a young girl should even a mild seizure occur whilst in the company of her friends?  And how, given the prevailing view of epilepsy, how her friends might come to regard her having witnessed a seizure? Too awful to contemplate…

A friend of mine, years ago, suffered a mild form of epilepsy. There was nothing dramatic about his condition.  There were no paroxysms or seizures.  He would simply come to a stop.  He’d stand, not moving, as if someone had switched him off.  These attacks would last from a few seconds to several minutes,  Then, just as abruptly, he’d be restored to his normal, though somewhat shaken self.  Perhaps poor Emily suffered this way and found that the best way to avoid public humiliation, or indeed likely social ostracism, was to keep herself generally out of the public eye.

But enough of all this: God knows why this extraordinary poet behaved as she did but I do feel that the epilepsy possibility must be considered.  It is, I feel, a much more reasonable explanation for Emily’s behaviour than the endlessly embroidered, ‘mad woman’ inventions visited on us over the years.  Huzzah, in the end, for modern, less hysterical, scholarship.

Emily Dickinson is nowadays recognised as probably the finest American poet of the 19th century.  This is quite an accolade when you think that she is now considered to be at least on a par, if not considerably better, than poets of the calibre of Longfellow, Walt Whitman, Emerson and Thoreau.

And now, at last, a poem.

Being little connected with the outside world, and allowing herself little of the luxury of friends, Emily retreated into herself, for weeks at a time whenever a death occurred around her.  She found herself, considering how few friends she had, quite understandably overwhelmed by this death.

Her poem, ‘The Bustle in the House’ discusses the solemn business of tidying up, of restoring a house to how it was before the possibility of death first entered, then occupied the house and its occupants until the death itself occurred.  In a strange and stunned way those who are left distract themselves from this death by a necessary but almost ritualistic cleansing, by bustling about busily, by avoiding, not seeing the huge hole left by the dead person’s absence.

With the house tidied and the dead tidied away we must then, of necessity, attempt to adjust ourselves to this person’s absence.  We must begin to tidy away all of the clutter that person’s presence created in our lives, in our souls and in our hearts.  This cannot be achieved in a morning.

‘…putting Love away…’  as Emily Dickinson observes, will take the rest of our life.


The Bustle in a House

The Morning after Death
Is solemnest of industries
Enacted upon Earth—
The Sweeping up the Heart
And putting Love away
We shall not want to use again
Until Eternity.



MDFF 22 July 2017

Todays Dispatch is entitled Vogons, Palimpsests and the Gap-Part I. (part 11 next week)

Greetings you long suffering wedding guests,

In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Vogons demolish planet Earth in order to build a by-pass for an Intergalactic Highway. ‘Jobs and Growth’ would have been their motto when embarking on this visionary enterprise.

Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein could have avoided a great deal of angst if only they’d paid more attention to Douglas Adams’ masterpiece, in which the ultimate answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is revealed to be the number 42.

Monty python the universe song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq4uCWtQE24

Is the biocide of the Great Barrier Reef in order to excavate the biggest coal mine on Earth a dress rehearsal for the ultimate destruction of the planet?

In order to build what?

Under the mottos: ‘Closing the Gap’ and ‘making communities safer’, in the Northern Territory of Australia, a way of life, a way of being, a way of seeing the Universe, a social fabric is being unravelled in order to build a third Gaol, and several state of the art multi-million dollar police ‘complexes’.

Vogons aren’t confined to pages in a book of fiction.

So long and thanks for all the fish


Irish Blessing – May the Road Rise Up to Meet You:


Enter the “You beauty moment”. Rupert’s 30 Mil.

“Please sir can I have some more”?

News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch listens during a forum on The Economics and Politics of Immigration where Murdoch and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke to a business organization In Boston, Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)

“Rupert says”.  Actually Rupert doesn’t even need to say anymore. It just happens.

You’ve gotta hand it to Lord Rupert. Though he’s Lord over every living thing in the western world, owns the U.K, U.S and Australian body politic outright, he’s still got time for the odd bit of games-manship.

Not happy with receiving the 127 million of taxpayer hard earned to save channel 10 he gets a gift of 30 million from the Federal Government to promote niche sports.

WE NEED more niche sport coverage.

Better still, he gets the 30 mil, no questions asked because it’s just a continuum of what Rupert as the biggest rent-seeker ever is used to. And he doesn’t even need to ask.

mitch 1

Mitch Fifield. Inheritor of a great tradition in the ARTS.

Better still, the Arts and Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield, hands it over. No due diligence, no competitive tendering, no business plan. And some people are crook on the government for this. How mental is that?. There’s no need for due process cos at the end of the day, you might as well hand it to Rupert one way or another. And you wanna know why? Cos he’ll get it anyway.

You see Rupert knows all about the trickle down effect. And it works. You get a swag of money siphoned off taxpayers in three countries and you let the coins trickle down to a few poliies, Works every time. You can bypass silly democracy, the parliament and the intractable senate, and you get a result. Tell ya mate, ‘Punting is for Mugs’. Rupert’s got all the numbers and he plays a straight hand. That’s more that you can say for any Saint Tone, Corey and Kev.

And, this is the disgusting part, there’s the ABC, whose meant to represent, ( they have a charter) niche sports and stuff, and they’re compatriots of the SBS, and Screen Australia. They’re screaming. Can’t see the humour. .Soft cocks!.

mitch 2

Sir Leslie Patterson OAM. THe tradition began with him!

They just got a 400 million cut. So it’s hard cheese for em. And that’s where Mitch is up to the mark. That 30 million would have just gone to bureaucrats. Whereas, with Rupert getting it, it’ll go direct to the right kinda people. And it’s a nuanced vertical integration. They’ll get a tax cut and a kickback all in one package. With Rupert’s mob in the ABC, it just short circuits the process. And that’s an efficiency. That’s what comes with Privatisation. As easy as saying “ABC”.

And if it went to Screen Australia, it would be just spent on films about “Us”. No one is interested in films about ‘US’. Rupert’s got a handle on that also, He does films in the US of A. And they all have happy endings. Last time we looked Screen Australia did films on Aborigines and poverty, and they were all bloody depressing . No one wants to be a wet rag. Rupert gets it, Mitch gets it, and Malcolm, knows that there’s only way to get results and that’s send it through the right channels. That’s what Dame Elizabeth did too, it’s really philanthropy, and provides choice. And a tax break. That’s what makes the world go round.

I beg your pardon. That’s Rupert’s job.

Greens get top marks for Recycling.

green 1

Larissa, the FOREIGNER resigns. We suspect the man behind her has a ” foreign sounding name”.

Congratulations must be forwarded to the Australian Greens for their excellent efforts in recycling.

Two senators, perhaps as described by some observers, the two best in the Australian parliament have been rendered ineligible because of their “foreign-ness. Not only were they top performing , but they were foreign. Does this tell us something about the Australian body politic?

green 2

Scott Ludlum. In to the recycling bin.

Indeed it does, Foreign people are no good. They’re full of dangerous ideas. Dangerous ideas not filtered by Australian values. This lack of filtration makes them unreliable as policy makers. And positions them as TROUBLEMAKERS. They question the core values within Australian society of smugness, intolerance, insecurity and deep fear. Often, and this is a common mistake, they see principle as important, and some amongst them do not see political life as a key to a network of sinecures, kick-backs and endorsements from the big end of town.

green 5

Lee Rhiannon. Rejected from the recycling bin.

According to eminent psephologist Anthony Green; ‘They do not get the importance of party donations from anonymous international backers, and they just don’t understand that elected senators are not here to support the people. They’re here to work for corporations. This is the problem at the core of the Greens, they’re fairies at the bottom of the ideological garden cos they just don’t get the corporate dollar. And when push comes to shove they’ll get ahead of themselves and stymie a carbon tax as they did in 2009. It’s either Green on Green or Green on Red. And you know if you mix your green with your red as any five year old will tell you it’s POO BROWN. And I gotta tell you, it’s messy.

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Peter Dutton. Unrecyclable as neither hard nor organic rubbish.

On hand to offer his informed opinion, the leader of the new MDFI ( Ministry of Deep Fear and Insecurity) Peter Dutton had the following observation: ’With the resignation of perhaps the best performing senators in the Federal Parliament it proves just one thing: The impact of UFB’s , (Unsavoury Foreign Bodies) deep within the Australian political system. And as you see they seek to disguise themselves with normal sounding names, “Waters, and Ludlum”. Our settings will have to be re-calibrated to detect “normal names” and not just “foreign sounding names”. This will require a massive infrastructure overhaul. The current settings, “Ishmael” and “Mahommed”, are clearly not enough, and WE, in the MDFI are seriously worried.

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Saint Tone of Santamaria. !00% recyclable working for Lord Murdoch and Saint Margaret of the Sociopath.

Lord Murdoch has responded to the fracas by flooding his esteemed dailies, the Telegraph, the Herald Scum, the Courier, and West Australian,(the list is so big it requires a computer upgrade), and in the electronic media, Sky News network and any other conduit not yet owned by his empire, with a sanguine assessment; “How rank amateur can you be? They’re not Australian citizens, and yet, they had the cheek to influence the process of government in this country. I don’t have Australian citizenship and I OWN the processes of government in this country. Not only do I own them here, but I have complete control in the U.K and in the U.S. I ask, What have the greens done for foreign policy? What have I done? Singlehandedly encouraged the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, for civilisation. Since I gained access to running the governments in three countries I’ve been on hand to offer significant change, and you can tell by the general trajectory that I have installed real benefits of fascism worldwide. To prove that human affairs and foreign policy do not mix. Nor do humans representing humans in parliament, (and all living things) have a place in current government.

The MDFI autobots* represent a step in the right direction.mdf 5

And they’re 100% recyclable’.

*see previous scintilating post