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  1. Separated at Birth? Ira Mayne and page 17 of The Age, snap of Sikh revolutionary Bhagat Singh. Or a more distant relative of quite suntanned complection.

  2. Ahhhh,what a moment of clarity in a murky world,thanks for sharing .I almost feel as if hope is alive, or as dear Hunter .S said “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro ! ”
    Interesting isn’t it that the glaring hypocrisy of non- indigenous ” Aussie’s ”
    complaining about boat people, and arranging the intervention in the NT at great expense, when the same issues of abuse and alcoholism and “lateral” violence could be found in any community in any town or city in Australia.

    And our civilisation of terra nullus is mostly involved with selling bits of it to each other or putting rocks it in boats and selling it to others……………….keep up the good work, I love it…..feed me……

  3. My goodness chaps you have got it all wrong this week!! These booers you so vilify (or I beg you pardon Francis Leach so vilifies) are to be cheered and indeed glorified. My last comment was to correct your misguided views of children’s literature and once again you have this fanciful belief that free thinking and self expression are things that should be encouraged………no indeed not! My sense of righteousness is sustained when I hear a collective booing and personally thank the brave souls who are willing to speak up and spread the FEAR of anything that is other than the ‘norm’ (including the couch, beer belly and beer in hand). Visualise chaps…..what would happen if all footballers started thinking and acting so freely?? Everytime a goal was scored we would get hunting cries, king hits, war dances, cocaine snorts and the drunken yobbo dance…..all in the name of self expression. I do so often agree with you chaps but once again your obsession with promoting freedom of thinking and expression is so outside the code of conduct for Team Australia I just felt it was timely for a gentle reminder that we must fear all that is different and unknown and be valuable contributors to the ‘team spirit’.

  4. So much to comment upon, so little time. Let’s just say that I deplore your attempt to take us back to future with the re-establishment of steam power on Victorian railways, especially since you have almost GOT IT RIGHT by employing Hornby and Airfix, clearly the outstanding engineers of this modern age. The true solution is staring you in the face — more solar power collectors. Mount one of those omnidirectional dishes on each train and VIOLA! vous avez un continuous source of power. Night time running is solved by the ability of the dish to focus on the source of sunlight at all times. All that has to done is to make sure the Prime Minister for Innovation is bending over — and he has demonstrated he is agile enough for that. Mind how you go.

  5. QUENTIN, YOU’VE EXCELLED YOURSELF IN IRRITATING A GOOD HALF OF YOUR READERSHIP. What about the aesthetes? Was there ever an intelligent appreciator of ROCK Music? Not all of us in the entire population are functionally deaf – (These being the only people capable of “appreciating the abominable
    excressence of ugly noises” ).

    So, pull your head in and write about proper muzak – Beathoven or Choppin

    Signed Quantum Dumpster

  6. HMAS MERDE sounds very appropriate, is there an HMAS BIDET planned?

    Floaters “Immovable” and ” incapable”, aptly named, and the sinker “Australia”
    will provide further target practice.

    I feel a flush of pride for our defence planners.Do Sorbent provide the defence papers?

    Quantum Dumpmaster

  7. If additional testimonials are needed to meet you needs, I should be pleased to add my contribution – albeit not on a plate.

    Quantum Dumpster

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