Ira puts his stamp on gender.

Mathew Guy outside Don Vito Corleone’s House denying links to the mafia.

Dear reader, we were going to give you another thrilling installment of our contemporary crime thriller. In this episode, the bank manager turns a blind eye to the money laundering whilst the leader of the opposition puts his best foot forward and invites the crime bosses around for a discrete tete a tete. What ensues is an exhillirating roller coaster ride of graft and deception, and in the best tradition of “artful” Arty Sinodinos, more ‘can’t recall’s’ than a amnesiacs convention.

Artful Arty denying his suit was made by Don Vito’s tailor.

But instead, we have this reflection by our esteemed poet Ira Maine, which may draw some light on the vexed, (cos Saint Tone of the Santamaria wants us to think it so) issue of gender. And in keeping with the splendid initiative by the Federal Government on non binding, marriage non-reform to indulge us all in a postal vote, Ira has sent this missive via morse teleprinter. The original being translated from cuneiform and wax tablet. We apologise for the deferrment of the crime fiction thriller, but provide you with stills of the upcoming dramatisation to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Ira writes about Cecil’s (alleged) dissapearance into the wild west

‘What? No rude postcards, not even for ready money? No suggestion of the inexplicable joy attaching to subtly delivered innuendo? No be-bosomed belles disporting themselves on bayside beaches? No bathing boxes, no blazered buffoons bewitched by passing pulchritude? Oh, lack-a-day! Some urgent action must be taken to redress this politically correct imbalance.

Where have all the postcards gone, I ask myself? Burned, like books by the postcard Nazis, a humourless bunch of unimaginative jackasses, both male and female, who can’t see beyond their PC noses.

Ian Narev, CEO Commonwealth Bank, as bagman for Don Vito.

The present state of women’s affairs, I feel, though wholly admirable, takes itself a soupçon too seriously, lacks a sense of humour, and would seem to suggest that we men, if we are to be politically correct, must ignore both women’s sensuality and sexuality completely.
The difficulty here is that as a result, we are breeding a generation of odourless, colourless male wimps who don’t know their arse from their elbow when it comes to dealing with the fair sex. Women, it must be said, have to take some responsibility for this situation. Women are so intent on exercising their right to not be viewed as sexual objects that they are ceasing to be seen as sexual objects at all!  Banter, pleasantries, the odd well-meant compliment, are increasingly and alarmingly met with suspicion, hostility and quite often, verbal aggression.

Where the hell has the sense of joy, of celebration gone?  For whom is this dried-up, inquisitional alternative to life intended for? And it is not just the women!  Look at Trump, and Turnbull and Teresa May! What a drained and empty bunch they are. God save us all from this triumvirate of mediocrity.

Don Vito accepts Arty’s pledge to not remember anything about Australian Water Holdings.

Women are,undoubtedly, sexual objects.They are the glorious, astonishing pinnacle of achievement in the natural world, and are designed specifically to ensure the continuance of the race. Glass ceilings are cracking and equal pay is on the way. Given their present power, all women have to do to break through these barriers is to  collectively withdraw their skills for a day or two, then watch the other side cave in. But their principal function, that function Nature intended them for, hasn’t altered one whit, not one iota.
They are still marvellously, dazzlingly, sexual objects and that sensuality ought to be allied with a joyful celebration of  what unique creatures they are. Instead we are presented, by women, with a wizened, Calvinistic view of sexuality which seems to owe more to the mediaeval Church than to modern, feminist thinking.
I think it is time for a change. The women’s movement needs a new momentum, perhaps a new, celebratory leader, somebody, for God’s sake, with a sense of humour! Those older women who brought about the modern women’s movement were highly intelligent, with guts and energy and zeal. We need more of the same lest the whole movement fail for want of that essential momentum.
Men also need to be reminded who they are and how important they are. They need to be lifted out of their present incomprehension. This shouldn’t be a problem for most women. It is, after all, what they have been doing for men since Adam was a boy.
As a flourish, as a finish to this piece in praise of those older women, I would like to include a politically incorrect and perfectly shameful quote from one of the songs of the late English songwriter, Jake Thackray;

‘…I love a good bum on a woman,
It makes my day…’

Making government pay. Don Rupert and Don Trumpo discuss lucrative taxpayer funded business ventures whilst running Government, (playing golf).

No gentleman could possibly disagree’…

Power point policy payoff.


Mal and Josh talking energy.

At last some leadership on the energy front. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is fronting all the energy companies and telling em to be FAIR. And he’s right.

Though his ilk, (merchant bankers) sold off all the publicly owned utilities, OWNED BY US, and walked away with a bag of cash to spend on entitlements, really shit defence materiel, (like ships that wont work, planes and helicopters that don’t fly and tanks that are just too effing big) closing down the car industry and giving tax breaks to miners and mates, he’s absolutely right. These Electricity companies think they can do anything they like.

And they do. Cos they can. And their business model is really simple.

Mal signs up for more free trade, and the hope that the rest of what’s left may be sold to China.

When it’s really hot, they charge billions for using the air conditioner. When it’s really cold they charge the same for using the heater. And even when it’s not hot or cold they charge millions just to let you, (the consumer) know how clever they are in making you humbled, by sending you broke.

And the irony is that all this laissez faire policy designed by some Harvard Business Management School oik was meant to make the whole system more efficient. In the words of a French submarine contractor, ‘Merde’. In fact it’s ‘merde absolute’!. The reason being; there’s no checks nor balances, no policy, no planning. The governments of both persuasions sold the utilities, and said; ‘do what yer fucken like’, and the electricity companies, did just that. And now the government wants to shirt front em. All sounds a bit Tony Abbott.

Mal digs hydro. And selling off public assets.

Tony reckoned by axing the tax electricity would get cheaper, and it just went through the roof. Our electricity is three times more expensive than the yanks. If you’re rich enough you’ve gone solar. The only people left paying are poor people, renters, and any industry stupid enough to survive in this country. That’s what makes our electricity in less than a decade the most expensive electricity in the world. Fabulous for shareholders, more merde for the “poor” consumer.

Rather than just say we’ve fucked up and the companies work for the shareholders, what do you expect, the P.M is admonishing the consumer.

South Australia reaps the benefits of privatised power.

“Malcolm Turnbull has summoned the chiefs of major power companies to a meeting on Wednesday to discuss how customers can be given some relief on electricity prices through better deals. Turnbull says many households and businesses are apparently paying significantly more than they should be, as they are pushed onto higher plans. They need to be given better information so they can seek better deals, he says.
“This situation must be addressed – urgently and directly,” Turnbull writes in a letter to the companies’ (ABC News)

Rupert. Lord of Murdoch. Not directly responsible for the power fracas, but important nonetheless as a figurehead to direct blame for everything else.

Yep folks you should be switching electricity companies, all the time, like once a month, that’ll keep em on their toes, and prove that when it comes to protecting sovereign wealth Australia stands alone in punishing it’s consumer and making damn sure that with privatisation comes retribution, and personal responsibility. So switch now Malcolm says, And on every other indice, on marriage equality, renewables, the ecology, (what’s left of it) the public shall, and they’ll most surely do it at the ballot box. Not that it’ll make much difference, but it’ll make them feel a heel of a lot better.


Invitees to the meeting are: Catherine Tanna (Energy Australia); Frank Calabria (Origin Energy); Andy Vesey (AGL); Paul Broad (Snowy Hydro); Paul Geason (Momentum Energy); Jeff Dimey (Alinta Energy); Carly Wishart (Simply Energy); and Matthew Warren (Australian Energy Council).

Also there will be Treasurer Scott Morrison and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg.

Tellingly, no member of pcbycp was invited.

Poetry Sunday 6 August 2017

Reposted from 28 July 2017


Vanish the vernal
Joy that was Spring’s
Remains but the kernel.
The true and eternal
Inscrutable things
Existence – and Death
With his shadowing wings

Darkness, the sources
Of Life and of Birth
The Stars in the courses,
The Ocean-pent forces
That circle the earth
These with their sadness
Chasten our mirth.

Powers primeval
Stir in my breast.
In strange wild upheaval
Virtue and evil
Rise to the test
Of issues immortal
By Winter exprest.

Vain the devices
Which blossom in May
The sweet summer spices
Whose fragrance entices
Our manhood away –
Winter reminds us
“Cold is the clay”

Robert Rendall, Orcadian Poet.  1898 – 1967


MDFF 5 August 2017

Today’s dispatch is Watiya.  Dispatched on 19 December  2016 and posted 24 December 2016

Amigos,In previous Dispatches I have mentioned the Tree of Knowledge outside the Yuendumu Mining Co. store. Recently a pair of Tiyi-tiyi (mudlarks-Grallina cyanoleuka) built a neat round mud nest up high in that Athel pine. The pair take it in turns to look after their chicks and keeping a small murder of Kaarngka (Crows- Corvus) at bay.

Watiya is the Warlpiri word for ‘tree’ or ‘trees’. Warlpiri has quite a few words like ‘sheep’. The context determines whether the word is singular or plural. No doubt linguists have a technical term for such. My favourite linguistic technical term is ‘expletive infixation’ (e.g. ‘tele-fucking-phone’).

untitled-52Papunya is 130Km kurlirra (South) of Yuendumu (Yurntumu). On the way there, one gets into ngalyarrpa (sand dune) country in which many large and juvenile kurrkara (Desert Oak-Allocasuarina decaisneana) trees grow.

Nyirrpi, is a community of several hundred people located 150Km karlarra (west) of Yuendumu. Nangala has travelled to Nyirrpi and worked at the Nyirrpi School for decades (since its inception). At the kakarrara (eastern) edge of Nyirrpi there is a cemetery which features a forest of numerous prominent white painted crosses. Too many of our friends are buried there. It was therefore a most pleasant change for me to travel to Nyirrpi other than for a funeral, a Christian wedding!

On the way Nangala pointed out a grove of kurrkara trees, which had sprung up in the last decade. Is she jumping to conclusions, when she raises the possibility that climate change might have something to do with this?

At Nyirrpi School, they (I am told) had their best Christmas Tree ever. It was a Wakulpirri tree (Dog wood- Acacia coriacea). Wakulpirri is one of the more generous bush food trees. The plentiful beans taste delicious when the pods are roasted whole on hot coals. Not unlike freshly roasted peanuts.

Ernst Anschütz, who wrote the modern lyrics of O Tannenbaum (according to Wikipedia), in his wildest dreams, would not have been able to imagine the Nyirrpi School Christmas Tree

Athel Pine (Tamarix aphylla) is a declared ‘noxious weed’ in the NT. It has spread along a 400Km long stretch of the Finke River. It causes serious ecological damage, not least drawing salt to the surface. In Yuendumu there are some very large (and old) Athel Pines, which were originally planted as shade trees, a purpose they serve very well.

To the best of my knowledge unlike the Rubber Bush (Calostropis procera) which spreads rapidly and widely, especially at cattle bores and yards, not a single Athel Pine has sprung up in the Yuendumu region, only the planted trees remain. Yet the Vegetation Police have been trying and sometimes succeeded in killing these old trees. Why can’t they apply the “innocent until proved guilty” approach? When it comes to Aboriginal Australia that fundamental principle on which the whole western legal system rests, has been out the window for ages. They don’t even apply it to our trees!

Lately in Yuendumu we’ve had a tree lopping contractor who has removed some lovely gum trees , … watiyaju ngulaju jurlpu-kurlangu ngurra… (those trees are bird homes). The contractor also killed a row of large Athel pines. Trimming the trees where they encroach on electricity cables, I can understand, but really! Remove the whole tree? Definitely yet another case (of which Yuendumu suffers many) of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Over the years I have seen many instances of tree vandalism in Yuendumu, and not much evidence of consultation or discussion. It was thus, that I concluded that the row of Athel pines had been removed without permission. On checking I found out the trees had been removed by request from the residents of the nearby house. I do however note the neighbours (who shared in the enjoyment of the shade and privacy) were not consulted.

Let this be a cautionary tale for all those who have strong opinions on matters affecting Aboriginal Australia- for Heaven’s sake, seek out the facts and examine the nuances, before you launch your dogmatic beliefs and opinions at a wider audience, and never, but never, tar everything with the same ethnocentric brush.

Ponder the possibility you can’t see the wood for the trees.
Jurlpu ka nyina mi yurdingka… (The bird is up high in the tree)

….I wanna be free like a bird in a tree….

I wish you all freedom, happiness, health and wealth (in that order) for 2017


Looking to invest.

com 5

For the best returns you can’t beat infrastructure. GOLD!

There’s been quite a flurry of excitement on the investment scene with uncertainty as to whether the housing market, (the gold standard for the Australian economy) is about to go Pop. We at pcbycp have numerous investments and have watched with some satisfaction our capital grow. And tellingly we felt the housing market was unstable years ago, and deferred our funds from ‘fools gold’ into the much safer realm of publicly funded infrastructure investment. We like Public/Private partnerships, The public doesn’t get a look-in, and we claim confidentiality whenever a troublemaker tries to gain access to the fine print. Cos there is none.

com 1

Ian Narev. CEO Commonwealth bank. Demonstrates, “the trickle down effect”

That’s why we were bitterly disappointed with the Andrew’s government kiboshing the East Link, we stood to make billions, and in the end had to settle for a mere hundred million when the State Government , (the taxpayer) compensated us for not going ahead. Clearly the Andrews government doesn’t understand how investment and money markets work. Whereas, up north in New South Wales and Queensland we’ve been raking it in. Australian Water Holdings was a good little earner, and Arthur, (artful arty to his mates) put us onto West-link, the Eastern Distributor, the M5 and the Westconnex M4. We’ve done spectacularly well. In Sydney you only have to hum the opening bars to “We’re in the money”, and the pollies throw cash at you. No questions asked, no due diligence, and every project comes with a lifelong guarantee.

But we’re a bit cross. Seems that there’s better money to be made in banking. And we should’ve figured that out years ago when Anna Bligh got on board as spokesperson for the banking industry. That’s what comes when you’ve got a monopoly. Should’ve listened to Rupert, no matter how much you’re making off government contracts you’ve gotta keep your eye on the next big thing. There’s still money to be made in the private sector.

com 2

Anna Bligh. (Bank Suck-hole). Demonstrates the trickle down effect.

So to our utter disappointment we found out that the Commonwealth Bank, which we forgot was guaranteed by the Federal Government (the taxpayers) is the ‘numero uno’ for money laundering. Why didn’t we think of that? Turns out the Commonwealth Bank is the destination of first preference for dodgy funds. You can open up an account in any name: ‘The three men deposited about $3.6 million across 427 separate transactions. They made dozens of deposited amounts under $10,000 at Commonwealth branches scattered across Sydney to avoid scrutiny. The bank accounts were held in fake names such as Ronald Brown, Luke Shaw and Richard Whippy’. (ABC News)

comm 4

Mr Whippy owned this van.

We loved Mr Whippy, and apparently on all the accounts the same photo appeared as identification. Cos he had shitloads of money, that was all the Commonwealth Bank needed. And that just goes to show that the Commonwealth are good sports. They didn’t check drivers licenses, passport details, gas bills, the bank statements, Nuffink. And why should they. Anna reckons the banks are doing fine, and if we the public left em to do their job, it’d reassure investors the world over that the banks are doing their bit to advance the pillar of western economies, ‘the trickle down effect’.

And when one of the syndicate was asked why he chose the Commonwealth Bank, he proclaimed it the bank of first choice. That’s competition at work. So leave Anna alone, as an ex politician she knows that the buck stops here. And there, and over there, and round the corner… and in 100’s preferably.

In brown paper bags would be nice.

Not in one big flood though, that would be too obvious.

comm 3

The Commonwealth Bank gives favourable treatment to syndicates. No questions asked, easy terms.

Just a trickle would suffice.

Principle is a Plebiscite.

tone 1

Saint Tone of the Samtamaria, applauds the fashion of 1st century A.D.

At last, some movement of the vexed question of Gay Marriage. It’s killing off Australian Values. Germany did it. Malta just did it. Ireland pulled it off. And Australia will NEVER. Cos to do so would be ‘Un-Australian’. From the putative leader of the Federal Coalition comes the news that the plebiscite is just no complicated enough. Speaking from the tomb of the Sepulchre of “Saint Bob the Santamaria”, Saint Tone, pounded the lectern and maintained that the Coalition was lock stock and barrel bound to the plebiscite, even if it kills it.

tone 2

Saint Tone of Samtamaria 100% opposed to gay marriage with his dear friend father Rissole. (When it was O.K to wear girls clothing).

“We gave a guarantee. That we would come up with this facile, obfuscatory and unworkable non binding piece of non legislative bullshit to defeat came sex marriage, and still the public are dissatisfied. We must stick to this core promise, It’s a matter of Principle”.

We at pcbycp heartily agree.

tone 3

Saint Bob of Santamaria. A direct line to GOD!

The plebiscite just doesn’t go far enough. We love Mr Dutton’s, intelligent solution of putting it out to a postal ballot. With current efficiencies in Australia Post we can guarantee at least 16 years before voting slips are sent and received and by then the country will be formally acceded to the People’s Republic of China as the 51st Province. And we know, cos he, (Xi Jinping) said so from the turret of a very nice Chinese built T72. And the Chinese Communist Party, like all ultra orthodox right-leaning lefties don’t like gays, lesbians, pooftas, transexuals either. For a start you can’t gather their organs an readily as ‘straights’, and they are liable to confuse the firing squad when being lined up for political correction.

tone 4

Working together to keep principles safe from the corruption of Poofterish tendiencies, Saint Tone and Malcolm WHO?

We digress, Saint Tone is furious, and for the far reaches of upper northern norther-most Queensland, (the non Paris end) comes news that the Queensland Liberals leader is furious about poofterish tendencies in his own party. He’s smacked down Warren Entsch for not towing the party line, and everyone else, (almost a vast upswell of discontent) for daring to think about same sex. And Warren wont take it. He reckons that behaviour smacks of the politburo. We asked Vladimir, but he’s too busy infiltrating Washington. You confused? We sure are. And all of a sudden the coalition is defined by this one singular issue. The irony is excruciating, and Saint Tone wants more. He wants what Saint Bob of the Santamaria told him; “to do unto the Liberals what he done to the Labor of 49”, Keep em in the wilderness for years and years and keep the integrity of the true savours untainted by progressive ideals.

And He’s so right.

We at pcbycp would rather the coalition make this tenth order issue the defining principle of early twenty-first century politics. More important than equity, branch stacking, corruption, foreign donations, negative gearing, the environment, you name it. And why? Cos it’s the principle of the thing. And without Principle the Coalition is DOOMED.

Craig Kelly warns against the fury that will follow. He warned that the swing to renewables will KILL AUSTRALIANS. That’s PURE Un- Australian-ness. Once again, Kelly has told us that if we break the sacred bond of plebiscite we shall, like Sodom and Gommorragh, fall.

tone 5

Canberra will fall if the plebiscite passes. Saint Tone leads his followers, ( all three of them) to sanctuary.

And that would be the end of Christendom down South

Ad if you don’t believe us, it’s written in the tea leaves.

But we need a translator.

Cos it’s Jasmine tea.

And as the label says,

“Made in China”.

13 steps to safety

Dear reader these are Dangerous Times.

queen 1

H.M. The Queen. 100% Australian. Her fashion sense proves it. (insert cultural cringe here)

WE don’t even know if our politicians are Australians. Even Malcolm Roberts, (insert image of lump of coal) doesn’t seem to know if he’s, Welsh, Indian, English or Australian. For a One Nation party. having four on the go is beyond belief. Even the Queen, (God bless her) is hard pressed as Head of State to prove her Australian credentials. In a pcbycp exclusive we interviewed her Corgi’s “poochie”, “smoochie”, “snookums” and “bubbles” and they reassured us that the Queen only fed them Pal, and insisted that on Australia Day they were fed real Four and Twenty party pies. And some of them contained traces of real meat. WE asked Prince Phillip, latest recipient of an Australian knighthood, and his response; ‘you fucken bewdy’, left us in no doubt that Her Majesty, Phil the Greek and the entire royal family is 100per cent PURE AUSTRALIAN. Dinky Di, (though she’s dead), and that’s why we’re the envy of the modern world.

And our political system is rent asunder with foreigners, foreigner donations, and anyone else who pretends to still call Australia “home”. Though all our assets are sold off to foreigners, so that they may become very rich, the Federal Opposition leader starts banging on about tax and the disparity between “haves” and “have not’s”.

queen 2

The Queen engages James Bond to check Corgi’s citizenship credentials.

How un-Australian. We at pcbycp, (insert image of creepy Jesus) know the real issue is “Safety”. How can the Federal Opposition talk of equity, wealth distribution and a fair go on the Murray when our lives are threatened, but FEAR, INSECURITY and DANGER. That’s what motivates Australians. Not hope, enthusiasm imagination and optimism. But FEAR, and the requirement to make out lives SAFE.

The latest terror plot is the 13th that’s been uncovered. How can we remain so lucky? And the culprit, was not just another mad islamic diehard, but a meat-mincer. Across this land meat-mincers are being removed from sale. They are potential terror weapons. We know now that these un-Australian terror cells are hard at it plotting ceaselessly to bring down our way of life. Anyone caught purchasing a meat mincer is liable to be prosecuted, imprisoned, deported. And we need tougher laws right now to stop this threat.

queen 3

Well, they are a German family really.

And potentially armed with a crystal set, a morse teleprinter and a Fuller-phone, these terrorists are establishing new parameters for TERROR.

Just the other day another plot was uncovered, a muslim jihadist terror seeker (insert asylum here) was caught at a supermarket, armed with a potato peeler, a can of hairspray and a packet of sparklers. These are established and well know precursors to TERROR. The head of the newly formed Ministry of Fear and Insecurity Mr Peter Dutton was on hand to corroborate the P.M’s assertion that we must fear, and be very afraid. “We have nowhere else to go, with Labor even thinking of reformist policies we had no choice. Fear is the high point of our estimation of all Australians, and with fear comes certainty. And that’s good for banks and any supine featherbedding suck-hole prostitute politician, (insert Anna Bligh) who wants to go in to bat for a pack of monopolistic rent seeking bastards, (insert banks, energy sector and Rupert Murdoch).

queen 4

Lord Murdoch. Undisputed ruler of the Anglosphere.

And once Labor starts talking ideas, It’s the end’.

Thank god for Lord Rupert, (insert, Darth Vader)

Poetry Sunday 30 July 2017

Reposted from 30 June 2013, with comments by Ira Maine.

A poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins.
English 19th Century poet, Jesuit, and parish  priest to Felix, the blacksmith.

Felix Randall the farrier, O he is dead then?  My duty all ended,
Who have watched his mould of man, big boned and hardy handsome
Pining, pining, til time when reason rambled in it and some fatal four disorders
Fleshed there, all contended?

Sickness broke him, impatient he cursed at first, but mended [tolerated]
Being anointed and all; though a heavenlier heart began some
Months earlier, since I had our sweet reprieve and ransom [Confession, Communion, etc]
Tendered to him. Ah well, God rest him all road ever he offended.

This seeing the sick endears them to us, us too it endears
My tongue had taught thee comfort, touch had quenched thy tears
Thy tears that touched my heart, child, Felix, poor Felix Randall;

How far from forethought of, all thy more boisterous years,
When thou at the random grim forge, powerful amidst peers,
Did fettle for the great grey drayhorse, his bright and battering sandal!


What a splendid, valedictory poem,  what a glorious send off. 

I have included in brackets [ ] a couple of notes which might make  comprehension easier. Hopkins is Randall’s  confessor and notes how the dying blacksmith appears greatly comforted by both his presence and the fact that he has confessed and received the sacraments.  And Hopkins obviously loves him.

‘Thy tears that touched my heart…’  How can you not be moved by Hopkin’s care, both as a man and as a priest?

MDFF 29 July 2017

Todays Dispatch is entitled Vogons, Palimpsests and the Gap-Part II

G’day again,

In Part I of this Dispatch, the price remote Aboriginal Australia is being forced to pay to Close the Gap was alluded to

…..The policeman said to me, son
They won’t build no schools anymore
All they’ll build will be prison, prison…. 

Lucky Dube… Prisoner

There is a debate raging about what price humanity should pay to be safe from terrorism.

Sér o estár (to be or to be) that is the question.
Sér Libre o estár fuera de peligro (to be free or to be safe)
Raúl el balilla – libre soy …(I’m Free)…

Recently I saw it on the Television…
Yothu Yindi – Treaty (Original Version)

…someone asserted that in Australia the chances of being killed by a terrorist act were far less than the chance of being killed by your own furniture falling on you.

I might add that in some parts of the world the chances of being killed by a foreign bomb aimed at putting you fuera de peligro by liberating you from terrorism are far greater than being killed by terrorism per sé.

Despite knowing that the chances of being killed in a road accident are far greater than the chance of falling out of the sky in an aeroplane, I used to suffer from an irrational fear of flying, not dissimilar to the fear some people have of tiny little spiders

I’ve overcome this fear. We Shall Over Come – Mahalia Jackson

No longer do I assist the pilot by exerting my willpower during take-offs and landings (“keep flying ya bastard!”)

Next time you fly in a plane, check out how many of your fellow passengers look out the window- not many you’ll find.

Myself I’m a looker-out-the-window. I blame my having attended lectures in geomorphology for this.

On our way back from Melbourne I discovered that Harry Jakamarra is also a looker-out-the-window (on the way down from Alice Springs to Melbourne there were clouds all the way).

I blame him being Warlpiri for that.

When we crossed the region either side of the Murray River, we discerned the ghost of a dune field not quite erased by the irrigated fields. A palimpsest of gigantic proportions.

Having had the meaning of ‘palimpsest’ explained, I re-read the thus named chapter in Kim Mahood’s book ‘Position Doubtful’.

It is one of those not all too common books you can read again and again, if only to savour the skilful choice of words, let alone to grasp some insights into the Great Cultural Divide, nay the Grand Canyon, the Magnificent true Gap which separates Mainstream Australian society from Remote Aboriginal society.  Yothu Yindi-Mainstream

A Gap which shouldn’t be closed, shouldn’t be eliminated by Vogons.

A Gap which should be bridged and appreciated.

Only then will Australia be Free.



Nina Simone: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free:

Barnaby’s uncovers fiendish greenish plot.

barnaby 1

Barnaby, Protecting wealthy Aussie farmers who might just be Cotton Growers.

The Deputy Prime Minister has uncovered a fiendish plot. It’s directed against all good honest hard working Australians. If unchecked, it will surely be a “ catastrophe’ for all real Australians, (sic), ‘those on the land’.

The lefties, the pinko tinged greenies are on the move. If unchecked they will strangle what’s left of agriculture in this country. And it’s insidious, the green tide is creep creep creeping, and soon good clean living Australians, (those that aren’t converted into lezzo’s pooftas and foreigners) will succumb. And before you can figure out what LGBTI means, you’ve gone a paler shade of green. And as we said before, “mix em all together, pinko lefty, (red) and green and you get poo brown’.

But Barnaby has uncovered something worse, Those greenies are out to get our water. Yes folks, the water that was ordained by God to be given to Cotton growers, rice growers and any other extractive industry, (like mining in the Galilee basin). A lifetime of water for absolutely nothing.

barnaby 2

Barnaby. Protecting Aussie families from greeninsh influences. .

But that’s not all.

barnaby 3

Barnaby, seeks divine intervention in protecting parliament from progressive ideas.

The greenies want to go one step further. They want to extract water from ALL rural communities, and not just those down from the big cotton growers. You might be up the famous Shirt Creek without the proverbial and the Greenies’’ll grab that also. Got to the stage that cotton growers are seriously lobbying the federal government on the 457 visas. If they can’t get free water paid for by the taxpayers, they’ll do what made, the Southern (American) states world-beaters. Yep, they want to go the slavery option. And it makes good sense. If people are working to pay taxes to give it free to cotton growers, we might as well go the full monty, and just formalise the process as Slaves. And there’s benefits, a lifetime of good work in a healthy environment with a bit of herbicide, insecticide thrown in, and plenty of water.

The greenies want to strip water off rural communities. And the ABC’s Four Corners should be closed down. It’s the ABC that’s sapping the lifeblood of this nation, and stopping those farmers, who just happen to be cotton growers, for making an honest living screwing the taxpayer. On this count Mr Joyce is not mincing his words, to a willing audience in Shepparton, he made his position quite clear:

barnaby 4

Barnaby. Protecting Malcolm Turnbull from Lefties in his own party.

“We’ve got $13 billion invested in it,” (Mr Joyce said, referring to the Murray Darling plan), “We’ve taken water and put it back into agriculture [ministry] so we can look after you and make sure we don’t have the greenies running the show, basically sending you out the back door.”

“You know what the Four Corners program is all about – it’s about them trying to take water off you, to paint a calamity, A calamity, for which the solution is that they’re going take more water off you, and shut more of your towns down. We have taken water, put it back into agriculture, so we could look after you and make sure we don’t have the greenies running the show.”

And he’s right. He makes perfect sense. Even if he does repeat himself a little.

The greenies would run the show, and it’d be the most boring show in town. No drinking, No smoking, No fornication, just the intolerable sense of smug. And in the background those Green senators left in parliament sermonising about feeling guilty.

Federal Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce (right) and Federal Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon pose for pictures with Peruvian alpacas in front of the Parliament House in Canberra, Thursday, March 27, 2014. (AAP Image/Daniel Munoz) NO ARCHIVING

Federal Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce seeks inspiration and protection with one of his staunchest followers. Doris the calf.

It’s enough to turn you green. And make you want to stick to things that really are important. Like Real Estate.