Thinking of thinking; “Under the Influence”.

Many Australian’s are expressing concern at what is perceived to be the growing influence of Chinese nationals and Chinese money within Australian society.  Clive Hamilton has written of this in Silent Invasion – China’s influence in Australia, reviewed here by David Brophy.  (Spoiler alert – read the review do not bother buying this racially inflamatory book)

Educated friends of mine rail about ‘Sinofication’ of suburbs, of the replacement of older homes with Chinese McMansions – as if it is only the Chinese who build this style of dwelling.  These friends rail about the threat posed by China to the western world and to democracy.

Tim Soutphommasane has responded alerting us to the dangers to our multicultural society of resurrecting the idea of “The Yellow Peril” (and he doesn’t mean Melbourne’s much loved sculpture).
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Two “Big Hatted” Leaders enjoy non-thoughts together.

I expressed my concerns to Ira Maine thus: Far to many of my friends are raising the spectre of ‘the yellow peril’. A wonderful and highly dangerous distraction from the inherent ills within our own society. I thought these friends had a more discerning and nuanced view of the world.

Ira responded
Monsewer Poole,

‘Many of my friends…’ you say, are haunted by by the frightening
possibility of being overwhelmed by Chinamen.
Why, I ask, in return, are you spending time with people of such
ill-considered opinions? The only outcome from this habit of listening
to people of this calibre is the possibility of finding yourself
irrevocably contaminated by their vileness.

.Toleration should only be extended to those who deserve it We have no
time for the opinions of twittering dolts.

Numbered amongst these dolts are a coterie of dangerously deranged
western men who see the continuance of war as a guaranteed way of
keeping the arms industry alive and vastly profitable.

The Americans. began this nonsense with China some years ago,by
threatening to make China’s access to the South China Sea difficult,
the essential trade route for Chinese shipping.
Shocked by this, and not prepared to put up with US supremacist
bullshit, the Chinese promptly built a fews artificial islands to
protect their trade route against US threats.

Despite the opinions of our war-mongering, jingoistic idiots, China is
not a threat to us. From a Chinese point of view,we would seem to be
an infinitely greater threat to them

Like the bloke carrying the heavy suitcase, I rest my case.

Yes indeed, who is that bloke carrying that case?

Was it a hard case? A special Case? A Louis Vuitton (cheap copy) case?

Find out in our next revealling episode of “Sam,  Our man in Beijing”. Or, “What price democracy? “Donations to political parties are US”.

And, if you are suffering from the effects of the Chinese influence, please seek help, consult a friend, or ring the government hotline on 03100 7488888

And seek immediate medical advice, from an acredited (non chinese herbal medicine) physician.