Poetry Sunday 4 March 2013

We first published this poem five years ago.  Injustices still stalk Mr Lionel George Fogarty. Bad as things are here in Australia things aren’t improving in Canada nor in the U.S.A. either.  
Lionel Fogarty

Mr Lionel Fogarty, Poet, has some experience of Justice and Injustice.
This is the poem he chose.



Injustices Improved

 Improved conditions
of flowers and seeds
improve smiling eyes
to laughter uprise.
Improve beauty
of expressing birds
improve mountains
amounted in tears
Improve the true
for hate to be no more
improve passed improvement
broken commitments

 Come off poison grass
come out of sewerages
you’ve been reminded now.
All improvement these injustice men done
is disapprove
of flower smiles.
So don’t now be disillusioned.
Very well, now remember the outlaws in this ’96, 2006,
and 2012 society injustices.

Capitalism – improve your life!
Shit, you sold in shit.
You, the enemy
feed on bad conditions.
I hate the stinken lies
I like to cut into their core of fakeness
The beginning is to end
of the ‘improved’ fight.


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