Principle is a Plebiscite.

tone 1

Saint Tone of the Samtamaria, applauds the fashion of 1st century A.D.

At last, some movement of the vexed question of Gay Marriage. It’s killing off Australian Values. Germany did it. Malta just did it. Ireland pulled it off. And Australia will NEVER. Cos to do so would be ‘Un-Australian’. From the putative leader of the Federal Coalition comes the news that the plebiscite is just no complicated enough. Speaking from the tomb of the Sepulchre of “Saint Bob the Santamaria”, Saint Tone, pounded the lectern and maintained that the Coalition was lock stock and barrel bound to the plebiscite, even if it kills it.

tone 2

Saint Tone of Samtamaria 100% opposed to gay marriage with his dear friend father Rissole. (When it was O.K to wear girls clothing).

“We gave a guarantee. That we would come up with this facile, obfuscatory and unworkable non binding piece of non legislative bullshit to defeat came sex marriage, and still the public are dissatisfied. We must stick to this core promise, It’s a matter of Principle”.

We at pcbycp heartily agree.

tone 3

Saint Bob of Santamaria. A direct line to GOD!

The plebiscite just doesn’t go far enough. We love Mr Dutton’s, intelligent solution of putting it out to a postal ballot. With current efficiencies in Australia Post we can guarantee at least 16 years before voting slips are sent and received and by then the country will be formally acceded to the People’s Republic of China as the 51st Province. And we know, cos he, (Xi Jinping) said so from the turret of a very nice Chinese built T72. And the Chinese Communist Party, like all ultra orthodox right-leaning lefties don’t like gays, lesbians, pooftas, transexuals either. For a start you can’t gather their organs an readily as ‘straights’, and they are liable to confuse the firing squad when being lined up for political correction.

tone 4

Working together to keep principles safe from the corruption of Poofterish tendiencies, Saint Tone and Malcolm WHO?

We digress, Saint Tone is furious, and for the far reaches of upper northern norther-most Queensland, (the non Paris end) comes news that the Queensland Liberals leader is furious about poofterish tendencies in his own party. He’s smacked down Warren Entsch for not towing the party line, and everyone else, (almost a vast upswell of discontent) for daring to think about same sex. And Warren wont take it. He reckons that behaviour smacks of the politburo. We asked Vladimir, but he’s too busy infiltrating Washington. You confused? We sure are. And all of a sudden the coalition is defined by this one singular issue. The irony is excruciating, and Saint Tone wants more. He wants what Saint Bob of the Santamaria told him; “to do unto the Liberals what he done to the Labor of 49”, Keep em in the wilderness for years and years and keep the integrity of the true savours untainted by progressive ideals.

And He’s so right.

We at pcbycp would rather the coalition make this tenth order issue the defining principle of early twenty-first century politics. More important than equity, branch stacking, corruption, foreign donations, negative gearing, the environment, you name it. And why? Cos it’s the principle of the thing. And without Principle the Coalition is DOOMED.

Craig Kelly warns against the fury that will follow. He warned that the swing to renewables will KILL AUSTRALIANS. That’s PURE Un- Australian-ness. Once again, Kelly has told us that if we break the sacred bond of plebiscite we shall, like Sodom and Gommorragh, fall.

tone 5

Canberra will fall if the plebiscite passes. Saint Tone leads his followers, ( all three of them) to sanctuary.

And that would be the end of Christendom down South

Ad if you don’t believe us, it’s written in the tea leaves.

But we need a translator.

Cos it’s Jasmine tea.

And as the label says,

“Made in China”.