Dear reader. Today’s compelling piece comes to us from that luminary of the near north Lew Skannen. And Lew makes a trenchant point on atrocities. We regret to inform you that these atrocities are of the serious kind. Not those encountered on “Australia’s Funniest home Video’s” or the fact that the Herald Sun has so far devoted four days solid to the Grand Final. We agree that the Grand Final should be clebrated, but it makes us think that perhaps there may be more important issues.

Not that we want to discount the mighty victory of the Richmond Football Club, but just to give balance. “Hmmm, balance” you might say, “all sounds a bit Murdoch”. In which case you’re ahead of the pack. As for Packs, this piece is an Ace in the hole, it’s Bang on, and really hits the mark.

So accurate as ever, here’s Lew, and there is a children warning, he is LOADED.

He writes..

As it is easily calculable that a bullet will never reach its intended target, that logically it will always have half its remaining distance to travel, it is my belief that these so called ‘atrocities’ are simply governmentally generated beat-ups intended, like Orwell’s Oceania and Eurasia, to sway us all in carefully calculated directions.

‘Beware the Jabberwock, my Son..’If you get my drift.

Even supposing there were any truth in all of this supposed mayhem, it is neither the shooter or the gun that kills people-it’s the gold darned bullet! Ban the Bullet, I say!The gun is then rendered useless, the factory manufacturing armaments ditto, then the chaps who are really responsible for putting lethal weapons into the hands of maniacs are magically revealed..
Who, then, are these contemptible curs? What do you think?
It’s the damned government! OR… It’s Saudi Arabia! OR…The many other power-crazed oafs in the world, perhaps?
Oh come on! Wake up, for Gawd’s sake!
‘Tis, I fear, much simpler. The answer is, whether we like it or not, Us, We, Ourselves.
Sadly, through MacMansions and money, we have been whored, seduced and cheaply bought at the price of principle.
Where the hell has our courage gone? Why aren’t we in the streets, everyone of us, howling our horrified revulsion at the criminal antics of our government?

Human rights, (yours and mine and hard fought for) are trampled on, every day, in our country. All over our country, Aborigines are treated like animals and in our concentration camps on Manus Island and elsewhere, wholly innocent people are allowed to languish for years so that in  many cases, these people, who have committed no crime at all, simply give up all hope and kill themselves. Our attitude to refugees is not that of an enlightened, 21st century democracy, Our attitude is in fact, strongly reminiscent of that of the Third Reich.

for pity’s sake, surely we are better than this?

International tribunals, again and again have condemned these practices.

Unashamedly, our governments regularly shrug international criticism off.

One day,mark my words, Australia will be called to account for its actions.

Come on, Aussie! Where’s your sense of shame, your honour, your sense of decency, your ‘fair go’?

If ever it was needed, it is needed now.


Lew Skannen