Poetry Sunday 11 March 2018

Lionel G Fogarty, Merton Vic, 2012

Mr Lionel G Fogarty


PEACE free that sad fuck up poet
Free from that lick the mouth of white write
Free from her heart cries for white and other’s
Wants’ and needs in drug grog too.
Free from this two times in poet bed
Sink lock door and say stay out for resects to the white arse.

Free at last from a gammon poet taken her child my art’s shah.
Son of the white beer drink white lip server.
She use the dark man to from her past,
Like ringing the cops on her self in fact to get at the man inside?
When the garden make, she gave the best to her Gay brother shit ways.
Free from book of a shook bad looks shit wrote on black pains to free white-fell as and others.
Laugher by this one was hate comings in sexual tease then she said poet black racist.
Callous to her verses, even succinctly the black mans categorized past for every needs she wanted, (hey good go)
Her prolife was can make a baby with a dark smell sex so black children can go onwards.
She tried to coward fool the black writer poet by her white music.
Free from this mad poet writer poet voices
Sit with your innuendo’s running man of writer black hoods down and I will get you in return just like a Boga rang the way I wants
To the dark alley always lion the poet not dead yet shuts.

 By Mr Lionel G Fogarty dec 20 2012 VIC MERTON