It’s just not CRICKET!

This is the tipping point.

The Australian Cricketing team caught RED HANDED. CHEATING!

The wearers of the hallowed “Baggy Green”.

The sacred sons of ANZAC,

The eternal custodians of the “Australian Way”!!

“Is that a ball in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me”?

As Warnie said, “How could this be”?

Just cos the Bankers cheat and rort the system. The pollies cheat and rort the system. The bureaucrats cheat and rort the system. Even the erstwhile head of the Health Services Union cheated the system and so did her partner the bloke that’s meant to look after the wages of ordinary people. And the big end of the town who are in the process of gouging another tens of billions off the taxpayer, and every other non tax paying rent seeking corporation. It’s a tragedy, but there aint an honest broker in the system. Welcome to back to the future, It’s feeling a bit like 1788. But where do we ship the crims now? The Americas? The old country? New Zealand? Nauru?

Leaders Speak out about Cheating, though political donations are fine.

The rot must stop. Here’s trenchant advice for the Cricketers,

1  Ensure adhesive tape is attached under the baggy green. No one will look under the sacred head covering.

2  Ensure spare balls are kept where no one will ever look. Inside empty space between ears.


3  Make sure all cameramen are bribed before play

4  Employ umpires who are sight challenged

5  Establish repertoire of un-gentlemanly behaviour under the guise of “sportsmanship”

6  Pay journalists to only ever say great things about you

7  Be revolting, grotesquely so to your opponents, and insulting

8  If caught, deny everything

9  Write a memoir and tell em how cheesed off you were about being “caught out”

10  Play Howzat, and drink lots of beer

And when caught, DENY EVERYTHING!!

This is a program of applied catharsis, once done, you will be liberated by the drag of conscience. Know that as wearers of the “baggy green” anyone outside the fold is a soft cock, wanker, and if they’re South African, they deserve your contempt for being “un-civilised”. Invoke the spirit of Peter Dutton and Eddie Obeid, and ask everyone to be open, fair and reasonable, and uphold the principles of “Mateship”.

Cos ultimately the only goal that counts, above everything is WINNING.

And demonstrate your maturity to the rest of the world that as sportsmen, business leaders, and leaders of men, Australians stand proud as the smallest KING SIZED Players in the world.

And the overriding principle to all these scandals and entrenched kleptocracy.


As Famously said, to be “Internationally famous in Australia”.

Tomorrow back to more compelling subject, Not the Banks Royal Commission, but the detailed examinaton of the Royal Papers and the 75 dismissal.

Mateship and Noble Son’s of Anzackery stand together. Another Great day for Aussie sport and the principle of WINNING at all costs!!

Not to be missed.


Unless the cricket is on.