Great News for Adani.

Keep Out. No local Jobs. land, water, infrastructure for free. Invest in Australia and keep your profits safe from society.

It’s not often pcbycp gets in on a scoop, but this guilt edged investment tip-off comes hot on the heels of the Queensland Election. And the news is good. There’s no need to worry about the ‘Adani Effect’ upon the Queensland electorate. There’s nothing at all worth seeing on the coal mining front and opening up the Galillee Basin, because with China muscling in on the finances, there wont be a cent spent up front from the Australian taxpayer. And it’s all systems go for the biggest coal mine ever, and a monumental tick for business as usual in the Sunshine state.

China, and it’s coal financing, (whatever they want to call it) will finance the infrastructure. A huge tick for Adani. China, will also supply the material and the man-power to get the project running, another huge tick for Adani. And China, world leader in reducing global emissions will back Adani 100 percent and ensure that whatever the nay-sayers might say it’s a big tick for investment in Queensland. And a HUGE BOOST FOR COAL!!

Dull, boring open forest. The Carmichael Mine will bring progress to this patch of outback.

And there’s more, the follow on is that there’ll be nil job growth associated with the mine itself from local sources. That’s it folks, no jobs for Queenslanders. And with a bit of luck, cos the Artesian Basin comes entirely free. There’s no worries about water security. And the land, that comes for free also, courtesy of the Australian Government. And then profits derived from the mine, ploughed straight back into China and India, and those bits of Australia…that aren’t yet owned by China wont get a cent.

With Improvement, the patch of outback will look like this coal paradise in China. ( photo courtesy of the paradise papers).

That’s great news for the paradise papers…and great news for the freedom of overseas companies who don’t pay taxes here to make the full benefit of exploiting Australian resources. And that’s great news for anyone who hasn’t got anything top do with the Australian body politic. It’s no longer relevant. And whilst we’re at it keep selling gas to everyone else other than us. And any other resource you can think on, cos we want to let anyone other than locals know that we’re not going to put “Sovereign Wealth” at risk. We don’t know what Sovereign Wealth is, but it’s akin to giving your word that you’ll sell the kitchen sink as well at a knock down price, or just give it away. To prove your credentials as a good player in global economics. It might have something to do with the Queen, though she’s our sovereign she’s not a local either. So we spose it just makes sense.

And by doing this. selling off the lot for nuffink, we’re also demonstrating the overriding principle of Austrlaia, and that’s to be good sports and ensure that every business deal with overseas mega corporations is another little Gallipoli. As we take strength from defeat and make losing, our national ethos.

Queensland Politics Live. “The Power of One”.