Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony Tragedy

WOW!! More meaningful, more symbolic, than EVER!

Dear reader, it is well known that this blog eschews the culture of complaint. People understand that from this site, only, measured, dispassionate and balanced views are expressed, Views which truly express the views of right-thinking people world-wide. With this perspective in light, it is bitterly dissapointing to have to comment upon the Commonwealth Games Closing ceremony.

And we should take this opportunity to say how impressed we were with the entire Commonwealth Games. And we would like to thank the organisers in acknowledging that Queensland is the perfect venue for such an event. And the Gold Coast, the spiritual heartland of the singular value Australians stand for UNITED. And that is, (without acknoweldgment of the first Australian’s who never understood it) the value of REAL ESTATE.

Our Deputy head of state tells us what we want to hear.

Not only was the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony a lost opportunity to celebrate Australia’s stunning victories over lesser sporting nations, in fields as diverse, as hopskotch, table tennis, ju-jitsu, synchromised swimming, goat-staring and witch burning. But it was an opportunity for less fortunate nations, (those not gifted with an impeccable sporting pedigree as the world’s “Greatest Sporting Nation” EVER) to join with us in universal celebration of mateship and inclusiveness. To demonstrate once and all that what’s left of the greatest empire the world has ever known, which bought righteousness, bigotry and subjugation to people of colour the world over still exists in the spirit of “Commonwealth”. And we, annointed subjects of the greatest, most enduring, compassionate and fair-minded ruling family EVER, the Windsors, (formerly the Saxe-Coburg Gotha’s) could demonstrate our modest superiority in everything to do with sport and respect for human dignity. Though we did leave that Scots marathon runner lying in the road for an awful long time and our ahletes, wouldn’t stoop to pick him up as Ron Clarke did. Because we have to, (as our cricket team demonstrates so capably) WIN at all costs. That’s the message we like to give to the rest of the world.

Leave em for Dead and WIN WIN WIN GOLD for Australia!!!

So it is with bitter disapointment we couldnt see the footage of our athletes walking victorious into the arena led by the inspirational para-sports veteran Kurt Fearnley carrying the Australian flag.

We were robbed.

Though the spectators found the closing ceremony more banal, yawn provoking and kitsch-enabling than the opening ceremony, we wanted to see it all. We just wanted this chance to revel in the symbolism of it all. As Australians, and (more importantly) as Queenslanders.

Still, there is a chance to redeem ourselves. Come Anzac Day every aussie will march. To signify our unquestionable unity.

For ancient wars we celebrate Aussie mateship. For wars yet to come we celebrate aussie mateship, and for the paltry 500 million to make our war memorial bigger than any other war memorial in the world to prove beyond all resonable doubt that we’ll be at the forefront.

2022 Comonwealth Games will be held in the N.T. Australia leading the world in indigenous incarceration. An un- official games event since 1788.

As a mighty sporting nation.



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