Australia loses it’s Big Hat moment.


Barnaby. Where it all went wrong. Pollies should not mess with calfs. Unless they’re wearing a BIG HAT.

We at pcbycp don’t care about what the Chinese are up to. We don’t give a damn bout political donations. Couldn’t give a stuff about the inequity of offering huge tax incentives to companies who don’t pay tax, and don’t give a jot about the environment.

That’s why were really angry. More Angry than Michaelia Cash. In short. We’re LIVID!

We as a nation have lost our BIG HAT MOMENT,.

With Barnaby gorne, there’s no more Big Hats.

And that impoverishes us all.

WE need big hats, Big hats to talk up MINING

Big hats to talk up country folk who like SHOOTING.

Big hats to taslk about exports of MORE BEEF.

Big hats talk up the value of REAL ESTATE and MATESHIP!

and Big hats Like to talk about BIG COAL.

Big Hat. Man of action.

Small Hat. You know what that means.

It Makes us feel SAFE and SECURE.

And big hats like to lean upon a fence post. Sun beaming over a ruddy Big-Hatted complexion. In the background the homestead, shimmering in the harsh midday sun. The dusty foreground dappled by the shade of the Southern Cross windmill cranking overhead. Titch and Bob bringing in the stockhorses. The black fellas coming in for their rations and a BIG HAT to talk about Family Values.

All gone.

But the new Nationals leader talks tough. He hates poofters. He hates renewables, and he hates Greenies. Though He doesn’t wear a BIG HAT, He’s fair dinkum. Bob Katter wears a Big Hat he’s fair dinkum.

Malcolm Trunbull, will tremble. With no Big Hats, the Coalition is in peril.

But there’s hope. Snowy 2.0 will give him a hard hat. Almost as big as the one worn by Tony.

Tony wore his to give BIG COAL a BIG LIFT. But Malcolm knows there’s nothing bigger than the MIGHTY SNOWY!

With global warming, the long term outlook for water is grim. And Barnaby, (the last Big Hat wearer) didn’t like the Murray Darling Plan one bit. And He HATES Greenies. But with the SNOWY it’s like baracking for Collingwood, and a cert that the Pies will win every Grand Final Ever.

Lest we forget. Big HATS made this Country Great, (again)

And a Grand Final Parade, with Zig and Zag, Happy Hammond in the Lead, and the biggest float of all, a Easter Island sized statue of Ming. To let all the voters know that Big Vision and Big Ideas were best in the 50’s, and incidentally there were no poofters in the fifties, cos the outgoing Big Hat man, (Barnaby) told us so.

And one day, every clean living ausssie will wear a Big HAT, and we’ll show the world that we stride tall and proud, and unite as one in Big Hattedness to ensure that we’re in lock step on what we know is good for Aboriginals, the environmemt and clean living values, like marriage, and stoning women. And prove once and for all that unlike the proverbial “Hatful of Arseholes”, there’s nothing under the hat, Just a void.

And the void gives us CERTAINTY!