The benefits of a bullish China.

Julie Bishop, Head and shoulders above the rest declares the ” Glorious Julie Bishop Foundation” a victory for the democratic process.

Dear reader, we have been strident in our efforts to present a counter to all this anti Chinese sentiment being expressed in the public sphere. Indeed it’s got to the stage where a line must be drawn in the sand, and our position declared once and for all that we will not stand for this cheap anti-Chinese ranting. Whether it’s the delightful Sino – Georgian homes being built in our leafy suburbs, or the cascade, (some may say flood) of donations to politicans from generous Chinese businessmen, there is no evidence at all. Not a scintilla, that there is anything untoward.

Just recently Sally Zou’s domation of over one million dollars to the Liberal opposition leader, (The Rt. hon. Steven Marshall), for the forthcoming South Australian election was mis-represented as a craven act of political manipulation. It is nothing of the sort, Cathy who incidentally is a member of the Communist party, likes to do nice things. Just like other members of the elite. They like to make people in positons of power comfortable. And if it sways a decision on planning approval or benefits their conflicted position in any way that’s entirely incidental. Just like philanthropy, it ensures that the indulgences are spread in a proper and acceptable manner to the benefit of society at large.

So, we must draw the line. Contemporary China is not agressive in its global stance.

The Sth China Sea and Mr Xi becoming President for life, does not mean that they are going down the agressive expansionist nationlistic path of Neo-Nazism. Like Mr Narev, ( former Commonewealth Bank CEO), by streamlining the democratic process and stopping interference from regulatory authorities they can achieve higher efficiencies.

Mum and dad investors jumping on the China Bandwagon

Indeed by getting rid of democracy altogether, the Chinese leadership show absolute faith in the BIG MAN principle. This is China’s very own version of the BIG HAT moment.

People walk tall and everyone listens when a BIG HAT or BiIG MAN walks into a room. Donald Trump has BIG HAIR, and Vladimir Putin, when he’s not busy adminsitering nerve gas to expatriate Russian agents, wears a BIG KALASHNIKOV. So it’s axiomatic, be a BIG MAN, and you’ll keep pace. And by keeping pace you don’t need to bother about appropriating state funds to overseas havens, and ensure that your own little bit of family achieves the dynatsic status of being beyond reproach. That’s why it’s so important for English-speaking countries that “respect the rule of law” (ask any East Timorese diplomat), to allow senior party figures to transfer their assets. We get a clip along the way and it keeps the global economy going.

So enough of this anti-Chinese rhetoric. And remember, it’s not the people, it’s the government you should criticize. And with street upon street of monumental, Sino-Georgian mansions comes reassurance that the Australian building industry is doing it’s own little bit to establish new paradigms in taste, that we can all enjoy. And ensure that all of us as Australians, on incomes above 200 k per annum (if they pay any tax at all) are welcome to enjoy the fruits of a democratic, liberal pluraistsic society.

And we must remind you that the special category business migrant visa Class A requirement that a minimum 3 million must be paid into a bank accout before migration has been upped to five million and the old rate expires on March 30th.

Western democracies can learn from Xi

As they say on the Isles of Manus and Nauru, in the “interests of transparency and fairness” for all working families and mum and dad investors.