Sam’s moral dilemna

Real Leadership demonstrates Real Mateship.

There’s trouble in parliament. And Paradise aint lookin too hot either.  It seems that big money is clouding the judgement of our elected representatives.

Sam is misunderstood for looking after his mates.

Before we continue, we should like to remind you that in spite of repeated attempts, and at vast expenditure of our depleted resources, we at pcbycp have not been able, (yet) to secure funding from the Chinese Communist Party for our ventures. WE are very keen to build a new corporate headquarters with gaming lounge, jacuzzi and health facility. We also have offered esteemed , (some may same glorious) members of the communist party a free pcbycp neck tie, (each comes with an inbuilt listening device and recording system) to ensure that they are kept up to date with the most current pcbycp musings, and a carte de visite, to most federal, state and local government representatives with their attendant banking details. In this way we hope to further streamline the planning process, to ensure that their funds, secured from state enterprises are safely invested in a sovereign state where the RULE OF LAW is respected.

So our dissapointment for being overlooked by second tier politicians who offer nothing much more than a crumpled tram ticket is bitterly dissapointing. We are disgusted that our entreaties to offer access to all politicians of any colour, and the offering of free accomodation for family members and travel vouchers have been eschewed and trumped by members of the Minerals Council, the Australian Business Council and Vice Chancellors from all the major universities. And disgusted that our plan to fast track resources, (Our Long March Investment portfolio) has been railroaded by the Murdoch press who’ve come up with their own shabby version, variously described as NBN.

The fact is, Dastyari and Robb haven’t gone far enough.

Robb looks after mates but doesn’t have “funny sounding name”, a sign of TRUE MATESHIP!

Thay are shirking their responsibilities to the party and by doing so inadvertently mocking the eternal presence of chairman Mao, who famoulsy saved China from the unelected kleptocracy to give it to his mates. In the spirit of mateship we beg the CCP to have another crack at PCBYCP.

We are loyal, and understand real politik. And unlike members of both parties, very happy to be upfront about where our donations come from. And, even further, once processed, where they go.

Gareth and Ali, Proving real-politik can be FUN

So let’s be honest about political donations, and understand one binding principle of Australian politics, money talks. And we agree wholeheartedly that dissidents, who don’t have much money get way too much say on stupid things like democracy and human rights. That’s the good thing about having Andrew Robb on board. A safe pair of hands he understands real-politik like Gareth did over the coprses of all those East Timorese.

And if we’re to be respected on the international stage, we are honour bound to do our own heavy lifting and ensure that political parties tow the line and do what’s best for those who don’t call Australia home. But have an intuitive understanding of Australian Tax Policy.

Drinking over the corpses of ” silly ” free thinking” East Timorese.