Power point policy payoff.

Mal and Josh talking energy.

At last some leadership on the energy front. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is fronting all the energy companies and telling em to be FAIR. And he’s right.

Though his ilk, (merchant bankers) sold off all the publicly owned utilities, OWNED BY US, and walked away with a bag of cash to spend on entitlements, really shit defence materiel, (like ships that wont work, planes and helicopters that don’t fly and tanks that are just too effing big) closing down the car industry and giving tax breaks to miners and mates, he’s absolutely right. These Electricity companies think they can do anything they like.

And they do. Cos they can. And their business model is really simple.

Mal signs up for more free trade, and the hope that the rest of what’s left may be sold to China.

When it’s really hot, they charge billions for using the air conditioner. When it’s really cold they charge the same for using the heater. And even when it’s not hot or cold they charge millions just to let you, (the consumer) know how clever they are in making you humbled, by sending you broke.

And the irony is that all this laissez faire policy designed by some Harvard Business Management School oik was meant to make the whole system more efficient. In the words of a French submarine contractor, ‘Merde’. In fact it’s ‘merde absolute’!. The reason being; there’s no checks nor balances, no policy, no planning. The governments of both persuasions sold the utilities, and said; ‘do what yer fucken like’, and the electricity companies, did just that. And now the government wants to shirt front em. All sounds a bit Tony Abbott.

Mal digs hydro. And selling off public assets.

Tony reckoned by axing the tax electricity would get cheaper, and it just went through the roof. Our electricity is three times more expensive than the yanks. If you’re rich enough you’ve gone solar. The only people left paying are poor people, renters, and any industry stupid enough to survive in this country. That’s what makes our electricity in less than a decade the most expensive electricity in the world. Fabulous for shareholders, more merde for the “poor” consumer.

Rather than just say we’ve fucked up and the companies work for the shareholders, what do you expect, the P.M is admonishing the consumer.

South Australia reaps the benefits of privatised power.

“Malcolm Turnbull has summoned the chiefs of major power companies to a meeting on Wednesday to discuss how customers can be given some relief on electricity prices through better deals. Turnbull says many households and businesses are apparently paying significantly more than they should be, as they are pushed onto higher plans. They need to be given better information so they can seek better deals, he says.
“This situation must be addressed – urgently and directly,” Turnbull writes in a letter to the companies’ (ABC News)

Rupert. Lord of Murdoch. Not directly responsible for the power fracas, but important nonetheless as a figurehead to direct blame for everything else.

Yep folks you should be switching electricity companies, all the time, like once a month, that’ll keep em on their toes, and prove that when it comes to protecting sovereign wealth Australia stands alone in punishing it’s consumer and making damn sure that with privatisation comes retribution, and personal responsibility. So switch now Malcolm says, And on every other indice, on marriage equality, renewables, the ecology, (what’s left of it) the public shall, and they’ll most surely do it at the ballot box. Not that it’ll make much difference, but it’ll make them feel a heel of a lot better.


Invitees to the meeting are: Catherine Tanna (Energy Australia); Frank Calabria (Origin Energy); Andy Vesey (AGL); Paul Broad (Snowy Hydro); Paul Geason (Momentum Energy); Jeff Dimey (Alinta Energy); Carly Wishart (Simply Energy); and Matthew Warren (Australian Energy Council).

Also there will be Treasurer Scott Morrison and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg.

Tellingly, no member of pcbycp was invited.