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Thumnails Ira MaineIra Maine  Background. (Debrett)  Maines-Trumpette, 3rd Baron, cr 1972; Ira Jean-Paul Maine- Temeraire, Bt 1969, Baronetcy  acknowledged retrospectively on the death of Jacques “Diamond” Maine-Temeraire upon whom paternity was posthumously proven. Born 28 Dec 1929 to Tallulah K Stanley on board HMS  Hobart en route to Venezuela. Educated at Port-Au- Prince, he worked as a hugely popular white exotic dancer before transferring to Switzerland to finish his education. At Oxford he got a double first and several dons and was immediately snapped up to take the lead in the Graham Kennedy All Stars Revue which toured to packed houses in Collingwood, Barjarg, and the Gundagai RSL.  He subsequently worked for the Australian Civil Service on ‘Government projects’. He is retired now and lives in North-East Victoria where he continues to keep a famous open house for the rehabilitation of emotionally stressed young male dancers.

Design Doctor
Lifelong public servant in the design profession.  Managed a major planning department and was at the forefront of urban design and planning in the 80‘s.  Failed to take the package when offered so is doomed to spend the rest of his life working.

Tarquin O’Flaherty, ( Dip.Ed. Lumberton, NC,1969, failed )
Having gone to the sub continent to make his fortune, his career was sadly blighted by a combination of factors which included carious teeth, an aversion to daylight and a less than respectable interest in Eurasian women. He is presently retired and living in a garret in Saint Kilda from whence he ekes out a living repairing dentures.

Sir Bertram Postulebertram postule 3
Bertie is one of our special projects here at PC.  He was found languishing in lavatories of The Settlers Club, mop in hand, downcast eye.  Even from behind we saw he had breeding.  There was something magic about how he handled his mop.  We saw talent.  The Blog is all the better for his work.  



Mine Tinkit
No “Billy Billy” this chap.  He smiles benignly at the sustainability struggles of white people who fail to grasp the possibilities of the 60,000 year heritage and experience of his people.  “Maybe they are just passing through on their white walkabout”.

Laura Norda

Terry Nullius

Sophie S Choice

Errol Flynn:
The hero and preferred role model of both Cockburn and Poole, Mr Flynn has posthumously agreed to provide insights for our readers.

Thumbnails Dispatches



Dispatchee, Musical Dispatches from the Front.  For over over a century now our intrepid dispatchee has been reporting from the Front. The fellow is the full bottle on all things…………..



Lionel FogartyMr Lionel Fogarty,Murri Murri Poet  
Biography  here

His books are available here, and his current publisher is Vagabond Press





Ali Coby Eckermann